Monday, May 23, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Final Letter #17 May 23, 2011

Wow is it all done??
It does not quite seem real, the time has gone by so fast. I look back on the two years I have served the Lord and my heart swells with emotion with all of the people I have come to love and respect. No matter what anyone says about the South they can slam it all they want, however I have had the privilege to serve these wonderful people and they have become part of my family. A piece of me will always dwell in the humid, marshy swamps of Florida where I grew as I served the people I love!!

The South is not without its oddities, but those very oddities is what makes it so unique and why I love it with all of my heart. I am very honored that God choose me to serve amongst this people, my fellow countrymen, to bring them into the fold of God!

Oh, how I truly love this work, my mission has meant everything to me. These people mean everything to me, from the hillbilly redneck, to the Brotha' in da hood, to the ritzy upper-class citizens... I love them all. Sure, we sometimes joke about the crazy people from the South, with those crazy preachers that try and hunt down missionaries, (even that too I will miss). And we get a chuckle from the way they talk... but one thing that can't be replaced, that is the wonderful good ol' southern hospitality! Where complete strangers welcome you in…and call you their own. I know for myself, that we as members of the church whether it be a Southern member or Northern member or even my homies (the western members) we are all one family united in purpose... that pure Christ like love unites us; we are all one, which amazes me and yet it should be that way; and will be that way in the goodness where does the time go?

Well this week I have come to realize I am an one amazing planter! Every time I leave an area, people that I taught are baptized! And tradition has not failed me yet; we just set a solid baptismal date with this way cool guy, who loves the Book of Mormon! After our first lesson with him, he was already contemplating the thought of baptism...(something that we didn't know). Therefore he was shocked that in our Sunday lesson we invited him to be baptized! He agreed and put in on his calendar for June 12!! Man I am soooo excited! I found the miracle I have been searching for this whole transfer!!! (finally) and I am sooo happy!! My goodness...
I am just in a state of awe and wonder at this moment; with everything that is going on around me... The mixture of emotions is intense but so wonderfully amazing!

But hold on…did I read that correctly in your letter? The Barbers are moving to Utah!!!??? Yeah baby!!! and Sister Gainey is sending me a tie? Sweet!! I loved the trunky monkey box this last week!! Seriously, those cookies and stuff was amazing!! Elder Parker also loved his purple box!!

There is nothing I need before I fly, I have everything all set. I got everything all packed away and I am bringing ya’ll a southern treat (I mean besides myself…ha!). I am pretty much ready to talk on Sunday; I think I have everything ready for the full 40 minutes... I am glad you got the boxes I sent home with my stuff last week, sweet!!!

I love ya’ll and I will see you in just two days!!
Love, (for the last time) from Elder Blair

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #17 May 16, 2011

Well Family, friends and followers of the Swamp Fox…Elder Blair!

We again worked really hard this week! We were even having lessons with people while we just met them at their door! It was super fun! Unfortunately the main person we wanted to get baptized this past Sunday did not go through after all. He wants to get baptized but can't get Sunday’s off work. Therefore Elder Parker and I taught him for a bit and told him not to lose hope! Moreover, he said that he would never lose hope! He will keep trying to ask his boss and he hopes that he can at least get work off for at least for the first hour, to attend church! Therefore, he is defiantly in our prayers!!

Bit of interesting news of the south….Guess what we got a warning from the Alabama Mission President that some super, super Anti Mormon dude is lurking around the southern missions. Apparently he is trying to find recent LDS converts and tries to turn their hearts to becoming anti against the church. What a chump! As if Mister Ed Decker has nothing better to do than go around and be a bum. In my opinion he should spend his time doing a more fulfilling thing….like knitting! Yeah, I think that would be a better use of his time, or maybe actually reading the Book of Mormon! He had better watch out before Elder Blair (the Swamp Fox) pulls an Alma the younger on this mister Korahor! Ha ha But other than that bit of news…life here is going well and things are just peachy! We are going to be seeing some people this week and saying goodbyes as well, which will be really sad... However, change has to happen.

I had some great fan mail again this past week, please thank everyone for me. It's nice to see some love in the mail for old Elder Blair. And I loved the homemade pizza in a box idea! Also those are some man-sized marshmallows!!! Wow!! We will be roasting them this week!!

Oh, hey next week I am not going to be on long. I will just send my standard email and then head out to say goodbyes and pack. Don’t worry I will make the letter a good one; however I won't promise how long it will be though…ha-ha! It really doesn’t feel like I am leaving Florida this next week. I know I am, but it doesn’t feel real yet. I know that I will be back in Florida this fall, so maybe that is why it hasn’t sank in 100% yet. We also have some member meals planned this week, which is nice.

Also do I get to choose my sacrament songs or not? If I do …then well I want: I stand all Amazed for the sacrament song, but the others I don't mind too much what they are. Here are some of my favorites: I know that my Redeemer Lives, or We are all Enlisted, and I will go Where you Want me to Go. Any of those would be great.

Oh and do ya’ll have clippers at the house cause if you do then I won't pack mine. But on second thought maybe I should just bring them home with me…they might be too dangerous to leave in the hands of Elder Parker…hehehe. Today for P-day we are hanging out with a less active member family, but it should be fun! Hey, but I gotta get running Elder Parker is hungry! Ha-ha

Love yall!! See you soon…in fact… Yeah I will actually "See" you next week!!
Love Elder Blair, (Your favorite swamp fox who dwells in the South)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #16 May 9, 2011

Hey, hey, hey, yall it’s your favorite Swamp Fox reporting in for another week!

Life here in Fernandina is well. I hope all the mothers out there had a great Mother’s Day! I had to give a surprise talk on Sunday, it kind of felt like a farewell talk in a way. If you add up the months (total) that I have been serving in Fernandina it comes to 9 full months!! Wow, that is crazy! This seems to be my Florida home, I began here and I will end here.

Elder Parker and I are super excited for this next week. We are going to extend baptismal invites to as many people as we can find, and we our goal is not to take NO for an answer! Therefore we will do our very best to bring someone into the font to be baptized this week!
For starters tonight, we are seeing a part member family we have been working with. The husband says that he “would be baptized if only he had Sundays off”. So Elder Parker & I have been fasting and praying for him specifically. We have decided that tonight we are going to share with him the story of Nephi. And focus mainly on the part where he went to go get the plates and how Nephi knew that God would provide a way for him to accomplish his commandments. We are going to relate that directly to him and then extend the invitation for him to be baptized this Sunday! He has been to church enough times and knows it is true, now it is time to go and do! Therefore, I will let yall know how that goes!

Yes, Elder Parker and I have not stopped running from door to door! Things in this area are still going slow, but nevertheless we are going to give our Very Best To God. Time to lay it all on the line and go harder, and be bolder than ever before. I still have plenty of time for a miracle or two, so therefore I am going forward and I will expect to see some!
That was cool that you got to meet President Newman and Sister Newman yesterday! Wow... I love that man, and I miss him. President and Sister Newman are amazing! I really love President Barry too, he is a good man.

I was happy to hear that Sister Bass, Sister Lewis and Sister Johnson might be at my homecoming! That would be super sweet!!! It would be cool to see them and give them updates on their missionaries! They are all great missionaries for God! Strong and steadfast!
Today for p-day we are probably going to try a local joint for lunch and then play board games with a family that we helped reactivate, for the rest of the afternoon. Then head home, get some dinner and after that get ready to visit our part member family and challenge him to take the plunge.

Well it was sure nice talking to you yesterday! I hope you had the rest of a wonderful mother’s day! Can’t wait to see ya’ll in two and a half weeks!! I loved all the letters and care packages I received last week. It sure picks up my days to see letters addressed to the old Elder Blair. The new missionaries are starting to call me ancient…LOL yeah I may be old but hey, I still rake in the mail…so yeah that is the way I role here!! Ok love you guys back in Utah and I will talk to you next week!!! I gotta get running my time is about out.
The swamp fox, Elder Blair 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #15 May 2, 2011

Hello to yall back home!

Believe it or not missionary work, can be kind of confusing at times, the work is, but not the message. Here I am in Fernandina and I truly believe we are doing everything in our power to find and teach people. I mean we have now have been literally running to every door, trying to talk to as many people as we possibly can. Elder Parker and I are doing our best to find the souls who are searching for our message. Time will tell, and we’ll have to see. This is the way I look at it, if no one gets baptized this transfer; it won’t be a failure as long as I put it all on the line and give it everything I have. I want to feel severely used, worn out, and spent, by the time I go home. I want to feel like every drop has been completely squeezed out of me. So that’s what I am gonna do. I have committed to run from place to place, from door to door, making quick use of the time I have left.

Something will happen soon though, I can feel it. We have a super BIG goal for May and we are going to get it before I leave! Therefore, Elder Parker and I are going to work as if everything depends on us! Then in addition to that…Pray like it all depends on God. Last week we were able to get loads of “Potential Investigators” marked down in our books. However some of their appointments have already fallen through, but we still have several others that we will be meeting with this week. So hopefully our hard work will soon pay off! Actually, I know it will.

Our last P-day was super fun! If you remember, I mentioned that we were going to bike to an old fort here on the island. The fort was pretty neat and the bike trails were amazing!! While I was there my camera ran out of batteries (I know bad timing) so we will have to go back and see it again and take some more pictures! Ha ha! The rumor here is: People say that there is suppose to be ghosts who live in the fort…but "I aint afraid of no Ghost." And none showed up to say hello so, yeah no ghosts.

However while I was there I did get my first Tick-ever in my life! It was on my wrist. When I found it, I was calling every “good ol' southern member” to ask them how to get it off…cause nothing I tried worked. We tried the oil, the match etc. all the good techniques known to man for tick removal…and nothing worked…still the tick would not come out. I figure it had to be a southern tick, cause he just was not giving up without a huge battle!! So I called Sister Barry and she said “To pull it out with tweezers, to make sure to get close as you can to the head and pull it out slowly”, and that’s what I did finally after I tried all of that other stuff…that didn't work. So then I was advised to yank it out, and lo and behold I did!! And as they say …All is well that ends well.

I got my flight itinerary this last week. So I assume you at home have a copy as well. Looks like there will be 5 of us flying into SLC on the 25th; the others must leave from Atlanta to their individual destinations.

For Mothers Day calls…well I don't know yet. We have not set up a place to call. Actually, I have not even thought about it... um I will let you know soon when I will call ya. I will just make sure it will be late enough that you will be back from Cloward’s homecoming. I will make sure it is after 3pm my time.

Oh and just to let yall know I have been doing some studies and while studying I have found that “Awesome men of God” have been given cool nick names, like Brigham Young "Lion of the Lord" James and John "Sons of Thunder" Peter "The Rock" So…Elder Blair didn't want to be left out, so I gave myself the nick name The Swamp Fox! Yeah, cause I am serving in the swamp and I am clever and crafty and dare I say…as cute as a fox as well!! Oh yeah!! However, the ward says that I shouldn't be in charge of giving myself a nickname…so they are coming up with one for me. However… so let it be known for the time being I am The Swamp Fox!! Woot!!

Well folks and friends, I gotta get running again...Thank you all for remembering me in your prayers and "my mission this transfer" to find the one waiting for my message. Keep those prayers coming, and my feet will keep running!!

I love you guys! Talk to a few of you on Sunday =)
Elder Blair (aka The Swamp Fox)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #14 April 25, 2011

Well hello to all the people out there who are reading the weekly chronicles of Elder Blair, of Fernandina Florida!

First, we had a pretty neat week! Things here are still kinda slow; however, things are definitely beginning to look up. Elder Parker and I were able to snag a new investigator this last week, and even better than that, he seems very promising! He has been looking for a church “home” for a while now and, no church he has been to seems to match up with the church he reads about in the Bible…until he met us. It was kinda neat how we met him. We were actually looking for his mom (that is a super less active member) and when we went to her house we found out that, she does not live at that house anymore. Instead, it is just him there. The first time we met him, it did not seem to promising. He told us then that he did not want to be a member, however we could come by whenever we wanted and talk about the bible with him. Now this first meeting was actually way back when I was with Elder Johnson. So many months ago. At that time, we (Elder Johnson and I) really didn't feel like he was interested.

Now fast forward to this week: So then, this week we were struggling to find a new investigator and he came into my mind. And you know how I am sometimes…stubborn me… I was like "Really? Come on -that guy is not interested." Then the prompting came again. And still I was like… "You don't know what you’re saying this guy? No way...ok fine, we will give him a shot." We came by later that day and he immediately let us in. We had a super awesome lesson with him and he loved it! Unfortunately, he was out of town this weekend for Easter, but this coming weekend he should be coming to church! We are so stoaked!!

I had a really great Easter, thanks for all the cool stuff!! Unfortunately, the chocolate did melt a bit… but I put it in the fridge and it was perfect! And I loved the blow up “pillow tie” ha-ha!! I told bishop I would be using that next ward council! Ha!! Next thing you know the entire priesthood group will be asking for a pillow tie! Ha!

I will be sending some more stuff home this week, so watch for those things please. Also I did read about the doll Abbie got from the Easter Bunny, tell her those are still really popular here in Florida! I bet not many girls in Utah have a LaLa Loopsie Doll; she can be one of the first!! Let her know that I think that is neat, she got one!

But hey, I gotta get going. I am hungry and we still have to go do our laundry. And oh, we are going to bike up to an old fort here on the island today for the afternoon and do some exploring! Love you guys!! I will be talking to some of you “for real” in a couple weeks, Mother’s day phone calls are coming up! Well, I had better go, not to worry Elder Parker and I will keep moving forward and keep doing our best!

Love, Elder “still learning to listen” Blair

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #13 April 18, 2011

Hello to everyone back in Utah!!

Elder Blair reporting in for yet another week in Fernandina!

This week was filled with some good and some bad at the same time. The good was because we had lots of fun and found joy in doing missionary work despite the outcome. The bad because we have not found any new investigators…yet. This past week we went out hard, trying to find new people to teach. We were going through our area book using a microscope dissecting it all. We tried going and seeing former investigators; and even some old potential investigators… and we came up with nothing at all. Not even a nibble.

However, we did have fun trying! My companion and I were running from door to door (yes we literally ran from door to door…it's called “speed tracting”...Ha! at least it’s called that by us). Then on the days we rode our bikes; we were biking super hard and move quickly. Therefore, there is no question that we were not working hard enough and not doing our part to find someone. However, we may not have been working as “smart” as we could have. Therefore, this week we are going to try again, and see what things we can accomplish combining hard work (as fast as possible) and adding in the addition of being smart about where and when. We will see what happens now!!

As far as our current investigators go, they are all at a standstill at this present time. One of them still needs to get married (the spouse "to be" has some trust issues that they have to work out). The other investigator is wanting and ready to be baptized (but wants some family to come up from Utah to be with them, so they are working out schedules). In addition, our other investigator wants to do some more research about Joseph Smith first before she makes a decision. So hopefully something good will happen soon with one or more of them!

But the Fernandina ward members are doing super well!! They are still trying to work with the less actives and get them coming back to church. In fact, this last week we had several less actives just show up, unexpectedly! These were ones that we have not seen before and some that were not even on the records!! So that was super sweet! We loved that little Sunday bonus! So that is our week in a nutshell.

Oh funny story: My companion tried cutting his hair on his own for the first time this morning and well... let’s just say that there was several big “patches” actually missing from the sides after he was done. So in order to let him go out in public once again...we had to shave both sides of his head to make it look somewhat decent. Yeah, don't worry I took pictures!! Ha, ha it was pretty funny this morning!

I hope everyone back home has a great Easter and be sure to eat something yummy for Easter Breakfast and think of me here with oatmeal and cold cereal!! Ha-ha!! Thanks for the letters everyone! A letter a day keeps the missionary blues away...Anyways I am off to grab some lunch now, love ya'll and have a great Easter! Abbie I hope the bunny finds your house!

Love Elder “Repair Barber” Blair

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #12 April 11, 2011

Hey family, friends and fans!
Hey, ya'll!! Well looks like I will be finishing my mission here in Fernandina Beach, which I am super excited for!!! I know that I was sent back to Fernandina for a purpose, to find somebody special. Therefore Elder Parker and I have a goal to find “that someone” and either baptize them or bring them back to church before this transfer is over!! With that focus, we will be working hard, nonstop, until the very end, which is still awhile away, so that is a good thing! It gives me plenty of time to work!

As for our Investigator, he has still been coming to church! His wife accepted a Book of Mormon; which is a way good thing! However, we have received some sad news with that...he and his family will be moving to Ohio in two weeks. He has received a job offer up there, but he says that he will get in contact with the church and missionaries up there; and continue learning about our church! So that gives us a little ray of hope there.

In addition to that news, I got the awesome opportunity to go to Starke this past Friday for a baptism!!! John and Jacob were baptized!! I was so happy to see them finally baptized; man, we had every missionary that had ever taught them at the baptism! Elder Lewis, Elder Bass, Elder Tate, and I. It was way neat! Man oh man!

Then while they were getting changed out of the wet suits; Elder Bass and I were invited to teach the restoration (lesson 1) to take up some time while they were changing. And since there were some non-members, there it was a great opportunity! I was a little nervous at first; since I had not taught with Elder Bass for almost a year now, but it went super smooth! I just kept saying a prayer in my head to ask God to help us teach in unity and it worked! It was if we had never been apart. The spirit was so strong as Elder Bass and I testified together! Oh yeah the "Starke Boys’ saddle up for one last ride!" It was awesome! Afterwards, we had several people come up and thank us for the lesson; and bringing the spirit so well into the room! Awesome time!! It was a night to remember for sure!

Hey I gotta get going now, lots to get done today. Well I love ya’ll!! Thanks so much for the fan mail everyone and take care of each other!! I will talk to everyone next week.

Love Elder Blair (who rides again in Starke, if only for a night!!)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #11 April 4, 2011

Hey there peps, it’s me, Elder Blair!
I had such a good time this week!! Elder Parker and I did a study; we focused on figuring out who or what kind of person we want to be in the next 5 years. The first thing we did was make a list of the character traits we want to posses. Then we listed the good habits that we would like to have as well. For a companion study, we listed things that we were going to change (from that day on) so we could reach our goal. Next we sacrificed a few things; such as smaller animals…like local area birds (ha-ha just kidding)! Nah actually we sacrificed “things that would distract us” from the work; so we could become better missionaries.

I absolutely loved conference this weekend! It was so inspirational and fun. In addition, this week we were able to set a baptismal date with the Akins children! They are scheduled to be baptized this coming weekend, so we will pray that all works out!! Speaking of baptisms-that’s great to hear about the progress in Starke! I thought “Oh yeah nice” when I started reading all of the names of those being baptized recently. To say the least, I got super excited!! I was serving in Starke when Bishop gave me the call to go and teach the two kids; however, I only taught one lesson with them and got them to church once; before I was transferred. So I am super pumped to hear that they stayed with it! Let me know when you hear of anyone else in Starke taking the plunge. All of the Starke news was so great! I am so happy for Tate! He is a fantastic missionary! It’s weird to think he only has one more week left in Florida, man that is crazy! That reminds me yeah, transfers are next Tuesday. We have transfer calls this coming Saturday! So we will see if I stay or go?

Well ya'll sorry but that’s all I will write this week, I know it’s shorter than normal but we gotta get running! Elder Parker and I have a p-day activity scheduled up in Georgia with some other missionaries!

Before I sign off I want to add that was an awesome April fool’s Day prank. When I first got the box, I didn’t even think about it being April 1st. I immediately tore into the top and opened it to look inside. I was pretty excited when I saw the box packed full of Girl Scout cookies!! However.... well...yeah there were no cookies when I actually opened the individual boxes.... oh well I liked the fruit snacks, tuna, and oatmeal. When I saw the letter in the bottom, I thought, "At least I have a huge letter from Drew to read", but yeah once again the letter inside only said April Fools!! Let him know he owes me a letter now, oh yeah!

I hope ya’ll are doing well, love ya all!! I really must go, I got a soccer game to go to in Georgia with some missionaries in our district. So I gotta be leaving now, really I do! I will talk to you more next Monday.

Love Elder Blair (who still dreams of empty girl scout cookie boxes) Ha!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #10 March 28, 2011

Hello from sunny Florida!
This week was very interesting to say the least! It seems like Elder Parker and I were running on a treadmill, going really fast… but not going anywhere? To sum it all up in one sentence…it was kind of a confusing week overall. However, we have had some good things happen to us this week! We had a really sweet lesson with a part member family. Their 13 year old son (who is not baptized), is a pretty funny kid. So as we were teaching I had the idea to compare the gospel and the priesthood to Star Wars! Yeah, ha-ha and he understood it completely. That’s right that’s how yo boy rolls. He was totally involved in the lesson then! He loves church, so hopefully this week we will be setting a date with him! His entire family is pretty awesome. His mom was baptized around 14 years ago out in Utah. Their family has been here for 3 years in Florida!

Other than that, we have been struggling with some of our other investigators. Our efforts have been trying to get them to come to church. One has just got told from his boss that he has to work on Sunday now, and he wasn't too happy about that. However, he is going to do his best to get work off on Sundays. Then we got a new investigator from another part member family. This one said that, “He would have been baptized by now if he had Sundays off” …cause he works every Sunday. We taught him about fasting and the whole family committed to fast this past Sunday. Elder Parker & I fasted with them as well, so hopefully God willing, he will be baptized when his employer gives him Sundays off.

So that has been the extent of our week - Plus a whole lot of bike riding!! As usual we were trying to save miles on the car, cause we are getting close to the end of the month. On the biking side of life, I decided to take the mighty hill challenge once again, and yet again I came, I saw, I beat it down…again. Oh yeah I did, that hill cannot handle my awesomeness! That’s how Elder Blair rolls!! Ha-ha! Other than our investigators all working on Sundays, all is well in Florida and we are all ready for this next week, cause we know there is great things ahead for us this week.

Aw, man Mom!! That’s awesome you got to meet Aunt T and some of the family! I miss them so much. Man they “all be crazy”!! I can't wait to see them again! They are so funny!! ha ha, well that’s awesome that you got to see them!! I heard about you meeting Sister Bishop, I never got to know her too well though, (still surprised you met Aunt T!) The weather is fine here, a little rainy today, but other than that, it’s been all right this last week.
I am sooo happy hearing about Tim! I love Tim so much! I love all the Barbers very much!! I met so many awesome people in Starke! I just love that place!

I sent the pic’s you needed off today, so be looking for them. Speaking of pictures you should owe me some soon too! So take some of the Fam and send my way! I am still the most popular Elder when it comes to mail, even though I am an old man here now, I still rake in the letters…ha! So keep them coming! I still love to get mail from everyone back home, oh yeah!
Well, time to say goodbye but I will talk to everyone again next week!
Love Elder Blair (who bikes in awesomeness!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #9 March 21, 2011

Hello people,
Well to start out, we biked this week twice! And I enjoyed every minute of it! The weather was lovely and nice. The best part was that road that gave me my butt trouble the first time I was here in Fernandina well I came out I licked it like a pro! Oh yeah! Take that you stupid, long, nasty old road!! You ain't so nasty now!! Elder Blair is back and he ain't taking any crap! Yeah boy! I wasted that hill! I think I should whistle “Another one bites the dust” as I pass that hill next time! My bike is the best and the fastest bike in the mission! And I am the fastest missionary I know at this point on a bike! Speaking of bikes, what do you want me to do with my bike? Bring it home for Drew, or sell it out here. It is all broke in for missionary work …and in all the right places, (if you know what I mean) and this bike knows how to do some serious missionary work, day after day…so it’s ready for yet another Blair missionary to take the handle bars!!

I loved St Patty’s Day this year! I went to bed the previous night with a green rubber band on and in the morning I woke up, ripped the blankets off Elder Parker and saw he was not wearing any green! So I pinched the living daylights out of that boy!! Ha, ha! I got him 9 times, until I took mercy on him. So that was fun. Then later that night after we got back and did our planning; he was getting into his PJ’s and once again I noticed that he didn't have anything green to wear… so I got him again. Then I gave him a green rubber band to put on to save himself from me. Muhahaha!! I know, you’re thinking he should have been more ready and prepared after all he is an eagle scout! First rule to remember: Never bunk with an Irishman on St. Pattie’s day, if you’re not prepared with some green!

In other news, we picked up 3 new investigators this week. Better yet, all have potential to be baptized soon! So I am super excited about that!! Two of them are part member families!! So hey, we will see what happens there. I will let ya'll know what goes down.

Spring break hit this past week here, and that means there are loads of people here in Fernandina! Which then presents a great opportunity to teach! Oh yeah! Ha, ha!! Just perfect for some missionaries here in Fernandina to hit the streets! Things are going so well here. The members are really coming alive and going on tradeoffs with us on a weekly bases! We are really getting things moving here! I don't think it will be long before we have another explosion!!

Well that’s pretty much the Fernandina news for this point and time. Thanks for all the packages and gifts that ya'll sent, I got the St. Patrick’s package (I wore the St, Pat’s tattoo sleeves out tracting last Thursday…just kidding). And yeah I have printed off those pics onto a cd and will be sending that home this week. Well that tis all for now, I’ll talk to ya next week.
love Elder Blair (who kicked some major hills’ butt this week!)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #8 March 14, 2011

Hey ya’ll, friends and fans of Elder Blair,
Elder Parker and I ate at a buffet place here on the island for lunch today. I knew I should have not gone there in the first place and sure enough, I think we over ate. Well, I know I did.

Tuesday was great! Bowen was a lot of fun! He was in a rush to see everyone here in Fernandina so we didn’t get a lot of time to catch up, but it was cool to see him again. I was able to hang out with Bowen for an hour, then we went and saw someone we both taught while we were companions here, for about another hour. Then he had to get going, he had lots of others he wanted to see. It was great to see him again! Same old Bowen!

This week is St. Patties Day, but I don’t think we are doing anything-super special. Well this last week went by super fast, we did a lot of tracting day after day. Oh funny thing this week… I was just tracting along when I saw this tree growing on top of an old tire. And I was like what? Why? Who would do that? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks... I'm in the south!! So I snapped a picture of it and kept on tracting!!

This week we have been working with a gentlemen that has been studying from and has almost read the entire book of Mormon. is an amazing missionary tool! He says he does not want us to teach him just yet... He said that his wife still wants to do her own investigation before we come over and teach the family, which we were ok with because we didn't want to force him or anything. It is his decision and he has to feel good about his choices so we have been waiting for a while for him to decide when we should come over. He has been coming to church for the past two Sundays and then yesterday he called us and says, “His wife would like a Book of Mormon so she can start reading for herself!” We were so happy when we heard that!! Elder Parker and I swung by his house that very night and left him with an extra copy, so we will see what happens!

It has been so nice here in Florida, the weather has been prefect! I'm just really happy everything is going well. We have been working with this less active family, they have been coming back to church here and there, and we are so excited because they are really super awesome. As missionaries, you really don’t have a favorite investigator, or family… you just love them all!! Everyone we work with, talk to, or teach, is amazing in their own way, and touch your life for the better. Jason and Debbie are going to try going to the temple in April. Our next Zone Conference will be in May.

I am for sure going to bring some good ol’ southern recipes home with me; they sure can cook here. When you sit down to a meal, the table is packed from one end to the other with mouth-watering goodness!! Ha! If you get a chance to talk to Sister Gainey, tell her I say hi and I miss her family.

So life is good here, remember that I appreciate ya'll everyday! I should get running now. Talk to everyone again next week.
Love Elder Blair (who is now… going to work off some of his lunch!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #7 March 7, 2011

Hello to everyone back home!
Well here is another week that has just flown by! Elder Johnson was transferred to a little town called Interlachen. Now I do mean little town, this is a town where they only have one paved road throughout the entire town! Ha-ha

My new companion is Elder Parker, and he is from Bear Lake Idaho. Elder Parker goes home a transfer after me… so we got two old fools here in Fernandina! There were 2 Elder Parkers' in our mission at one time but the other Elder Parker went home last October. Elder Parker and I have been working really hard this past week. We have been trying to be smart and wise with our time.

Great news; on Sunday we had several new people show up!! One was a lady that has been inactive for 13 years and she has 3 children that she brought with her on Sunday. Two of the children are baptismal age! We were able to get her phone # after church and we should be setting up a time with her this week to see the family. The next person who showed up, was a gentleman that we have been working with. He just showed up to church as well. We had not had any meetings with him yet, but when we ran into him he said he would check out and that he would see us in church. Now several weeks later, he showed up and get this he has read almost the entire Book of Mormon and has studied the Articles of Faith. However, he says his wife is “standoffish about the church still” so he still does not want us to come by his house for a lesson or visit. He committed to still studying on his own; and he said that he would see us next week at church!! So that was really cool! So things should be looking up here in Fernandina and to say the least we are pretty excited!!

We are trying to help the members with their missionary work and so far, it is going pretty well. Things are moving along; sometimes it is slow and sometimes fast… but at least is moving forward!

And Elder Tate got to go back to Starke for his last transfer!!! I am so jealous about that!! That lucky bum... Anyways ha-ha I am glad ya’ll liked the Thor picture. It was sent by CP the other night when I was over at his place. Yeah one of our part member families found out that I liked Thor and they bought me a Thor Helmet!! So that is who I scored the helmet from; and then today I went to Target and picked up the Thor Hammer as well!! Ha-ha I just had to get it, I couldn’t resist!

The bread finally arrived and it was really good, and thanks for the Utah Truffles…they were as good as ever! Oh hey, Elder Bowen should be here tomorrow with his family!! Yeah man I am pretty excited to see him again! The members are getting pretty stoked as well to have him in Fernandina again. He went home last January, so everyone here is getting pumped to see him on Tuesday!! Ha-ha that’s pretty sweet that we are both in Fernandina again together one last time!!

Gas prices are going up, but here in Fernandina it is not over 5 dollars, yet anyways. I hear Florida has the highest prices in the country, but we are not paying $5.00 per gallon…yet. Today for P-day we already had lunch at a really cool pizza place! So that is why we are writing a little later today. Our weather is a little chilly this afternoon, around 67 degrees. We have had some warmer days lately but these last few days it has dropped off the warmer temperatures. Also in other news we can no longer go to the beach, President has banned the beach from all Jacksonville missionaries, so I will have to figure something else out to send home for the shadow box. I will try to come up with another idea.

So yeah um that’s the news for today! But I gotta get running now. Everything is good here, and I am good as well so don’t worry about anything. Life for Elder Blair is fantastic as always in Fernandina! Thanks to everyone for all the letters, cards and packages. I just love the fact they just keep coming my way despite what everyone said when I first got out…”Every missionary hits a dry patch your last 6 months”. Well not here for Elder Blair!! I am grateful to everyone for all they do to keep my pumped and happy while I serve. Thanks to each of you for your support, it makes being a missionary so much easier when you have “fan mail” from friends and family back home!! Well I’ll talk to ya’ll next week!

Love to everyone!
from the luckiest elder ever…Elder Blair!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #6 Feb. 28, 2011

Here we are another week-gone way to fast!

Well, first off - for transfers (which will be Tuesday this week) I am staying in Fernandina and my companion Elder Johnson is indeed leaving, kinda stinks; but I suppose change is good. I really hope that I stay in Fernandina until time for me to head home. I really want Elder Day to come here and be my last companion, so maybe tomorrow that will happen. I am thinking that this next companion will be my last companion. So yesterday (and again today), Elder Johnson and I have been swinging by some people’s houses and saying his goodbyes to everyone he has come to know and love here in Fernandina Beach. Today for his last P-day, he wants to go to a local pizza place in town and try that out for lunch so after this letter we will be going for pizza!

On Saturday, Elder Johnson and I got a call from one of the primary teachers in the ward asking us if we could play the role of King Benjamin during primary. Sweet sauce!! So Sunday during Primary, we were able to dress up and do a little skit for the primary kids! It was super fun!! Well actually, on Saturday night we did a little practice performance! We figured that since we live on in a two story building it would be the perfect place to practice. We went out onto our porch at 9:00 pm and I played the role of King Benjamin to our neighbors! Ha-ha yeah! To tell the truth, I am not exactly sure if anyone heard us…but it was fun nevertheless.

This week at church, we were able to get an awesome less active family to come back to church!!! moreover (wait for it…) they stayed for the full 3 hours of meetings and participated in all the class discussions! Elders Blair and Johnson are way stoked about that!! Man oh man…Elder Johnson and I have had so much fun serving here together in Fernandina. He is an amazing missionary! We work hard and have fun while we work!!

I have not received the homemade bread, but don’t worry when it finally…does arrive ehh I will just pray over it and eat it anyways, stale or not!! Ha-ha! Oh yeah news of the mission- we found out that our mission boundaries are going to change this summer and go up into Georgia and some areas of South Carolina. It won’t happen until July, I think. That will really expand our area. I never got a chance to serve in Georgia but I hear it is really pretty up that way.

I am going to ask Sister Gainey for some of her southern recipes. No one cooks like her!! Her cooking is sooo good!!! Maybe we can trade her some northern recipes…hehehe!! Sister Gainey is the best!! I told her that she is pretty much the older sister I never had! That’s a cool thing about missions. It’s kinda cool to come on a mission and gain more family members!!

So yeah, that is pretty much the week in a nut shell. Today I will be getting a new GPS because I have saved up enough money. I will also start putting addresses from my peps in Florida in the GPS, so we can keep everyone’s addresses for our return visit!! I gotta get running now so I will have to talk to you next week!!

Love ya’ll
Elder (serving in righteousness) Blair (Words of Mormon 1:17)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #5 Feb. 21, 2011

Hey family and all my other peps,
All is well here in Florida!! This week we did a lot of service, oh yeah! We helped move a family out as they head off for Tallahassee; we also helped build a ramp for Brother Harris. Brother Harris had hip replacement surgery so he cannot get around too well so the ward got together to build him a ramp. Moreover, since Elder Johnson and I are pretty much the only young guys who were available in the ward we came and did all the heavy lifting! We really had a good time and Brother Harris was excited about the new ramp.

In addition to those projects, we helped a less active (part member) family do some yard work this week for several hours. Then Saturday we helped another part member family paint some of the windows on their house. My goodness, last week we could barley find someone to serve and now this week we had a whole army of people that needed help!! Elder Johnson and I really enjoyed it!

In other news; we didn't get our baptism that we were planning on for last Saturday the 19th. We still have to do some work with them to get them ready for baptism, but we did have great success with some of our less active families. We were stopping by this family’s house (maybe once a week) they are super cool people, but they had just not been coming to church. However, after our lesson this week we were able to get the wife to come on Sunday! Her husband and son stayed home though, but it’s a start! I think if we got that family back to church, that would be amazing because they are super nice and really cool!

This week with the Florida weather, it really has been heating up a lot. Not to the point where it is too hot - but very nice spring weather, which I am excited about! I really enjoy springtime in Florida, it’s a great time of year here.

I really enjoyed the 100 days candy bar poster that ya’ll made for me!! It was pretty clever! I can't believe I have less than 100 days left! I never really thought about it, until I opened the poster. Oh well.

My Companion Elder Johnson and I are getting along great!! I super love that kid!! He is going to be an awesome missionary! I am kind of nervous about transfers this week, because I really don't want a new companion just yet (this Saturday we get the calls) so I will let you know about that next week. Elder Johnson has been in this area 4 ½ months now, so he might be transferred. The great thing about our companionship is that Elder Johnson makes up for the area's that I lack in; and I make up for the areas he lacks in…so it is a really good companionship! We get a lot done, work hard and have tons of fun!

Well, hope all is going well for ya’ll. I love all the letters and things I have been receiving lately and as always I enjoy rubbing it in my companions face! Ha-ha!!

The Elder “with shoulders built for service” Blair 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #4 Feb. 14, 2011

Hey, hey, hey!!
So yet another week gone once again! It was a pretty interesting week! Elder Johnson and I did a lot of tracting… cause for some reason most people were busy this week and couldn't find the time to have us drop over. Tracting was long and there were a lot of doors slammed (of course) but amidst all of the bad things that come from tracting there is always a lot of good as well! We were able to pick up a new investigator this week from hours of tracting! Boom diggity!! Therefore, I hope all goes well with that.

We had an amazing stake conference this last week and we were able to get one of our investigator families to come to that, as well another investigator, his girlfriend and their 2 kids. With him, we are all praying about a baptismal date for him so that he can accept be dunked. He wants to be baptized; but he just is nervous about messing up again after baptism.

Nevertheless, this last week was sweet! Elder Johnson and I tried our best to focus on the atonement this week and put things into “action”. So on Tuesday tried to do a service for a member and for an investigator, ideally to find a way to serve each other. It was really fun telling people that we were trying to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ and do service for others. People had the strangest looks on their faces!! You should have seen their expressions when we would ask, “Could we please do any type of service for you?” You would be surprised how many people said “no”! It was just crazy; we were like “We will do anything you need…perhaps clean your house...mow your lawn? Anything!

Each and every time they would always say no. Man you would think if 2 great looking guys in prime health showed up at your door and said they would be more than willing to do any type of service for you…you would jump at the chance and say yes for sure! Then you would ask, “Do you have 3-4 other friends who want to come by and do housework and do yard work for free? Bring them all!!” Ha-ha!! Well then, finally after many failed attempts, we were able to help a member box up some things (cause they are getting ready to move). After that, we grabbed a 25-dollar gift card (for one of our more poor investigators) and left it in their door. We then did a classic “ding-dong ditch” and peeled out in our car! Yeah!! Therefore, that was our day of active service as wimpy as it was!

Today, we had a super fun P-day!! We went clam hunting down by the beach and scored a big 93 clams! We split them with our member friend Adam; he was the one that took us out with him to show us how it is done. Holy cow it was so much fun!! We got knee deep in the mud, and it took us quite awhile to actually find some “live” ones because the seagulls apparently picked them dry in several areas. At long last, we found this secluded place and saw their air bubbles. (There is a little hole in the sand and if you cover it over with sand and the hole comes back, there is live clams in there).

As soon as we saw the holes, we went to town digging! We only dug in a small area for about 15 minutes and pulled out 93 clams!!! Holy cow you could find like 6 in one little hole, it was so awesome!!! I really enjoyed learning to do that. Adam said when the weather gets warmer; he is going to show us how to catch crabs on the shore!!! I am super pumped for that!! Oh yeah! That is something awesome that they do here, that I never would have had the opportunity to do in Utah, so that is super cool I got a chance to try that today. With all of our clams we collected today, we are going to boil them and eat them later, so that should be pretty fun as well! When ya’ll come back with me to Florida, I will show you how to dig for clams and catch crabs on the beach, how does that sound?

Thanks for the Valentine packages that I received this last week, Elder Johnson and I really enjoyed them!! I know indeed that I am well loved!! It was a huge week of deliveries and mail for old Elder Blair!! Ha-ha!! Oh yeah sweet action!! I love ya'll and hope everyone back home is having as good as a time as I am!! It just doesn’t get any better than this!!

Well...that’s the week in the life of the missionary known as...Elder Blair
Love to everyone!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #3 Feb. 7, 2011

Well hello family, fans and friends,
Here is the Fernandina happenings for this past week! This week has been super rainy! However, we worked straight through it. We go in the car mostly when it is pouring, but on average rainy days we go on foot or bike to save miles. Missionaries don’t melt, so were good… ha-ha!!

This last week we had four investigators show up at church on Sunday. In addition, one of them has set a baptismal date for the 19th! She is a single mom. She has really been trying to find out where she belongs in the whole scheme with God, so fortunately we are here to help her with that! Also this week Elder Johnson and I tracted into a less active part-member family. We stopped by on Sunday night and talked with them for a little bit. We gave the wife (who is the non-member) a Book of Mormon and get this...she started reading it as soon as we gave it to her, right then and there!! She has lots of questions about the church. Which we are ok with~cause we love answering questions! We are also working with this other non-member family. The only thing that I see holding them back is getting married. I mean they have been together for 7 years and have two you would think that should be a no brainer! But then again Satan is pretty crafty.

In other news, we are in a “prank war” with a member here in Fernandina. His name is CP and he pranked us first; by doing a lot of crazy stuff in our apartment. So therefore Elder Johnson and I were more than obligated of course to get him back. Now get this - he was kind enough to tell us the day he would not be home last week and what time to actually perform the prank. So we went to his house, (he left the garage door opened for us), we went in and went to town! First we took his clothes and soaked them in water; and promptly put them in the freezer. Next we took all of the furniture out of his "little man cave" and hid them throughout the house. We even went to the extra effort of taking his big couch out of there and relocated it all the way upstairs in his house! Then we took all of the plants out of his house and put them in his man cave and the “cherry on the ice cream sundae” was when we bought a hamster and put it in a little roller ball and left that in his man cave as well. Needless to say, we got him really good!! Lol! By the way CP kept the hamster (we named the hamster Xena cause she is a warrior princess). One of my favorite things about being back in Fernandina is seeing the members again, they are awesome! I think one of these first p-days (when it is not pouring rain) we will probably go looking for shark teeth and maybe an alligator if we’re lucky!! Today we are doing nothing really, it is really rainy today, but we will try to figure something out, I’m sure.

And thank you for the Chinese New Year package it was pretty fun to receive that!! I loved the fortune cookies! I know some people don't really enjoy the taste, but I think they are good! ha! oh well. I was pretty happy about hearing the Packers beat the Steelers yesterday! Oh yeah!

Well I hope all is well with ya'll back home and your getting a little warmer out that way. We’ll talk again next week, so until then, stay safe and stay happy!
Love, Elder (jumping over puddles) Blair

Monday, January 31, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #2 Jan. 31, 2011

Well peep’s here is another week that flew by excessively fast!
This last week I had the opportunity to go back down to Starke and witness a baptism for Noah Beckham! What a highlight for me, and it was really fun being able to see everyone again. Man oh man; it was an awesome baptism to say the least. Thankfully, wonderful CP drove us all the way there; because he had something he had to do in Gainesville that night. Without him, we probably would not have been able to attend the baptism. So that’s pretty cool how that all worked out for us!

This week in Fernandina, Elder Johnson and I have been teaching some investigators that are getting closer to baptism. This makes a missionary very, very happy! The month of February should be a really awesome month for missionary work. Especially since the whole Florida Jacksonville Mission (including each and every ward in our entire mission area) are doing a special fast this coming fast Sunday for missionary work in our mission to increase! The brethren of the Church want a 15% increase in baptisms in all the wards across the world for the month of February!! That is really neat to know that missionaries and wards everywhere will be focused on missionary work and baptisms!! So yeah, we are really looking forward to the month of February in the mission field!! Every missionary in Jacksonville is really excited to see what miracles will start taking place during the next four weeks!! Get ready for some miracles, cause here they come!!! Oh yeah baby!!

Let everyone know that they can send packages to our apartment. If they are not super big, they will put them in the “package box” that has a key. That way no one can get to it, except me and Elder Johnson. If they are on the larger size, they can still send them to Ronee’s address and she will get them to me when she sees me that week.

We are going to a local place for lunch today, it’s located on the island, and is called Sandy Bottoms…ha-ha!! Yeah that is truly the name. Yep pretty strange names of restaurants here…but some of them have the most amazing food ever!!

I have a bunch of pictures that I will send home this week, so be looking for those!! My companion is just finishing his e-mails so we will be going soon. We are both getting pretty hungry therefore first item of business after e-mails will be heading out to lunch!! So that’s pretty much the highlights of the week, just know that things are indeed moving along here in Fernandina and the ward here is really awesome!! I love being back here! I am all settled in and a very happy Elder! Now, I gotta get running, stomach is growling!!

Love Elder Blair (who is going to Sandy Bottoms, but does not have a sandy bottom…so don’t get those confused...ha-ha!!)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #1 Jan. 24, 2011

Like coming home ...
Well, well, well...Looks like I am back in Fernandina again!! I am super excited and I am loving every minute of it. I was so bummed to leave Starke last week. However, God blessed me by bringing me to my birthplace!! The members are all excited to see me again!! C.P has already pulled a prank on us (my third day here) in celebration of my return. Jason and Debbie about flipped out when I showed up at their door!! I told them to “be careful for what you wish for you just might get it!” In addition, Ronee took me out to lunch my second day here! Lol It really felt like coming home!

The apartment is still the same and some of my old “treasures” still reside there! Just in case ya'll forgot the address it is 123 Hirth road #1607 Fernandina Beach FL 32034! So yeah baby! I still miss people in Starke but this really does help remove the blues by coming to a place I know and a place I love so much.

My new companion is Elder Johnson. He has been out for 4 months and is a super, super, hard worker and also really funny, therefore we get along just fine!! Elder Johnson is from Spanish Fork, Utah. Elder Johnson and I have several investigators that are getting close to baptism already and this ward is all about missionary work!! Elder Johnson and I are scheduled for several tradeoffs this week with members!! Therefore, we are pretty pumped about that!

Elder Oaks was amazing, what a spiritual beast! He talked a lot about receiving revelation and our role in the church and why revelation is a special gift given to each of us. I really loved listening to Elder Oaks and feeling of his spirit, it was an amazing meeting. Then afterwards I was able to shake his hand individually and say a few words to him. By the way… how did you e-mail an apostle mom? When Elder Oaks shook my hand after the meeting he mentioned that he had received an e-mail from my mother back home. Man, mothers have connections to everyone don’t they? Lol.

Man oh man, it is so fun to be here again! I arrived in Fernandina as a fresh little greenie at the beginning of my mission and now almost 20 months later I am right back to where I first began. Awesome!! I will keep ya'll updated about what happens here with the people we are working with and the happenings at “home” in Fernandina!

I have not received your last letter because I left before it arrived (due to the holiday last Monday) but I will be heading back to Starke for a baptism this Thursday so I will get my stuff then! Yeah baby! I am goin' back for Noah’s baptism! I got special permission to attend! Elder Lewis was suppose to bring my mail and any last packages to me on the Mission Conference with Elder Oaks... but well... he forgot (lol go figure). I love that kid!!

I don’t really need anything, just being back home is enough to make this Elder grin from ear to ear! And hey if you talk to Sister Gainey tell her I say hi and I will see her on Thursday I hope at the baptism!

Love, Elder Blair (who is very happy to be home again!)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Starke, FL Letter #24 Jan. 17, 2011

Hello everyone back home,
Hey, wow... this week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me; I do not have any other word to describe how I am feeling right now. Moreover, unfortunately, I really don't have a super lot of time to email today and fill you guys in on everything; mainly because I am being transferred out of Starke tomorrow, tonight is my last night here. Therefore, I am getting ready to go around on my P-day today and say goodbyes to all of my peps here in Starke.

But holy cow this week was crazy wild and super busy. We taught our investigators Savannah, Noah and Charles. Now for the best part Elder Lewis and I and set baptismal dates with all of them, so that was a spiritual high!! Then Saturday we got transfer calls and well looks as if I am hitting the road yet again. I will miss serving with Elder Lewis, and being a part of the work in Starke. The members here are amazing and this area is on fire! As I leave this area, I have a comforting feeling because all of our investigators are super solid because they are member referrals! Savannah, Noah and Charles all have such strong testimonies!!

Man I am so sad that I will miss these 3 baptisms... and pretty sad to be leaving Starke. All the people that we have worked with are finally being baptized in the next few weeks but atlas I will miss that. But I will go and serve in another area. I know there is a need for me to work in another part of the vineyard. Where I will end up… well tomorrow will tell. Anyways fam and fans I will fill ya'll in more in depth detail when I have more time to write, so that will be next week. Today is dedicated to my peeps in Stake and saying goodbye to them.

Mom, the homemade treats you sent in the package was really, really good. Those cookies where the bomb dizzy!! Thanks again to everyone for all the letters and packages; I will let you know where I end up. Well, I gotta get running…I got peps to say goodbye to.

Love the Elder who hates to say goodbye…
Elder Blair

Monday, January 10, 2011

Starke, FL Letter #23 Jan. 10, 2011

Hello people,
This week has been amazing!! Elder Lewis & I have picked up several new investigators and most of them are referrals from members, and... (wait for it)... and... almost all the people we are teaching have amazing potential to be baptized! We have an appointment tonight with our investigator Savannah. She is from a less active member’s home. She has been attending seminary and coming to church and really loves it! We will be teaching her tonight at our Bishops house! Then later this week we are going to be having another appointment with Noah (and if all goes well we will set a baptismal date with him this week)!

Next thing we know Bishop just gave us two more referrals last night. These referrals are of a less active family that wants their children to be baptized! This week has been a blast we have had appointment after appointment this week. There is another family that we kind of lost track of, but found again (they are a less active part member family) and they showed up to church this week out of the blue! Elder Lewis and I are walking on air, we are so stoked!!

Yes, indeed things have been turning out well for us in our little area of Starke! Just a reminder Transfer calls are coming this Saturday so we will see what happens. If I am moving, I will be moving next Tuesday the 18th. I will let ya'll know what goes down next p-day. Speaking of that I loved the space bags!! If I do have to transfer those will come in super handy!!

As for everyone (so far) sending the cards with the New Year’s resolutions on them I thank you for that! It has been pretty helpful, and fun! I have received a lot of them; however, I think I am missing about 5 of them.

Well peeps back home, I gotta get running now, I only have about 5 minutes left on the PC so I'll talk to you next week! I hope all goes well for ya'll this week.

Love Elder Blair (teaching and dunking as fast as possible! Just call me the Super Soaker!!) ha-ha!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Starke, FL Letter #22 Jan. 3, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you set some great New Years goals and had a fun time during the New Year celebrations! Well this week was pretty fun and kinda slow at the same time. Since everyone was out on vacation, we had some fun times and ran into a few slower times as well with a lot of people not being home. However, this week we set a baptismal date with one of our investigators that we have been working with. We set his date for February 12th because; well, he gets off probation in February so it is a little ways in the future but it will all turn out good.

This week, has had us in cold weather and in warm weather all in the same week. Yeah so, one day we are putting on coats and scarfs and the next day we are wearing short sleeve shirts. Simply crazy, but that is Florida for you! Elder Lewis & I had a great New Years bash! We went over to our next-door neighbor the Barbers, and celebrated with them. At the party we had some of our investigators show up as well, which was fun! We had the opportunity to play some board games with them. We played Sorry and a game called Moods, which is really not that bad of a game. I liked it anyway. I remember last year I was enjoying an Oyster cookout on New Year’s Day! Do you guys remember that? I actually ate a raw oyster...yeah first and last time I tried that! I had a fun time though, it was all good!

This week also had some fantastic surprises! A member named Brother Beckham is having his Grandson live with him for several years, is bringing him to church, and wants him to be baptized! Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are having our first lesson with Noah; who is 12! This should be fun! We also picked up a less active part member family (out in the far reaches of our area) and we are going to be seeing them on Friday. Therefore this week is packed.

News update on Sister C. (the one that has cancer) she is still hanging on she made it passed Christmas and New years!!! Therefore, we are excited for her and her family! They had an amazing Christmas, so thanks to everyone back home who helped with that service for them. From what I hear, they really loved everything! I didn’t get a baptism this Christmas but we did get snow, which was awesome!!

And last little bit of news, Elder Oaks is coming to speak to our mission on January 22! Pretty sick! Really excited about that! I will know in about 2 weeks if I am being transferred or not, I think it is around the 15th of January. Not exactly positive on the date. Oh yeah for the 12 days of New Years I have received letters #1, #2 and #12 so far. Who all is sending them? Thanks for the Muddy Buddies; they were amazing I shared them with the Barbers for New Years!

Well that is all, Elder Lewis and I are going to play sports all day with the youth. They don’t go back to school until tomorrow. The teachers go back today to get everything ready but the youth head back on Tuesday. Man oh man, it is crazy to think that I come back this year. September would be perfect time to come back to Florida, ideal actually. It’s going to be sweet introducing you guys to everyone back here! Hey, I really got to get going now, so take it easy everyone. I will talk to you next week, I seriously gotta be running now. Lots to do. Love ya lots!

Take care, bye
Love Elder Blair (Having a “ball” on his P-day today!)