Monday, March 7, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #7 March 7, 2011

Hello to everyone back home!
Well here is another week that has just flown by! Elder Johnson was transferred to a little town called Interlachen. Now I do mean little town, this is a town where they only have one paved road throughout the entire town! Ha-ha

My new companion is Elder Parker, and he is from Bear Lake Idaho. Elder Parker goes home a transfer after me… so we got two old fools here in Fernandina! There were 2 Elder Parkers' in our mission at one time but the other Elder Parker went home last October. Elder Parker and I have been working really hard this past week. We have been trying to be smart and wise with our time.

Great news; on Sunday we had several new people show up!! One was a lady that has been inactive for 13 years and she has 3 children that she brought with her on Sunday. Two of the children are baptismal age! We were able to get her phone # after church and we should be setting up a time with her this week to see the family. The next person who showed up, was a gentleman that we have been working with. He just showed up to church as well. We had not had any meetings with him yet, but when we ran into him he said he would check out and that he would see us in church. Now several weeks later, he showed up and get this he has read almost the entire Book of Mormon and has studied the Articles of Faith. However, he says his wife is “standoffish about the church still” so he still does not want us to come by his house for a lesson or visit. He committed to still studying on his own; and he said that he would see us next week at church!! So that was really cool! So things should be looking up here in Fernandina and to say the least we are pretty excited!!

We are trying to help the members with their missionary work and so far, it is going pretty well. Things are moving along; sometimes it is slow and sometimes fast… but at least is moving forward!

And Elder Tate got to go back to Starke for his last transfer!!! I am so jealous about that!! That lucky bum... Anyways ha-ha I am glad ya’ll liked the Thor picture. It was sent by CP the other night when I was over at his place. Yeah one of our part member families found out that I liked Thor and they bought me a Thor Helmet!! So that is who I scored the helmet from; and then today I went to Target and picked up the Thor Hammer as well!! Ha-ha I just had to get it, I couldn’t resist!

The bread finally arrived and it was really good, and thanks for the Utah Truffles…they were as good as ever! Oh hey, Elder Bowen should be here tomorrow with his family!! Yeah man I am pretty excited to see him again! The members are getting pretty stoked as well to have him in Fernandina again. He went home last January, so everyone here is getting pumped to see him on Tuesday!! Ha-ha that’s pretty sweet that we are both in Fernandina again together one last time!!

Gas prices are going up, but here in Fernandina it is not over 5 dollars, yet anyways. I hear Florida has the highest prices in the country, but we are not paying $5.00 per gallon…yet. Today for P-day we already had lunch at a really cool pizza place! So that is why we are writing a little later today. Our weather is a little chilly this afternoon, around 67 degrees. We have had some warmer days lately but these last few days it has dropped off the warmer temperatures. Also in other news we can no longer go to the beach, President has banned the beach from all Jacksonville missionaries, so I will have to figure something else out to send home for the shadow box. I will try to come up with another idea.

So yeah um that’s the news for today! But I gotta get running now. Everything is good here, and I am good as well so don’t worry about anything. Life for Elder Blair is fantastic as always in Fernandina! Thanks to everyone for all the letters, cards and packages. I just love the fact they just keep coming my way despite what everyone said when I first got out…”Every missionary hits a dry patch your last 6 months”. Well not here for Elder Blair!! I am grateful to everyone for all they do to keep my pumped and happy while I serve. Thanks to each of you for your support, it makes being a missionary so much easier when you have “fan mail” from friends and family back home!! Well I’ll talk to ya’ll next week!

Love to everyone!
from the luckiest elder ever…Elder Blair!!