Monday, May 16, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #17 May 16, 2011

Well Family, friends and followers of the Swamp Fox…Elder Blair!

We again worked really hard this week! We were even having lessons with people while we just met them at their door! It was super fun! Unfortunately the main person we wanted to get baptized this past Sunday did not go through after all. He wants to get baptized but can't get Sunday’s off work. Therefore Elder Parker and I taught him for a bit and told him not to lose hope! Moreover, he said that he would never lose hope! He will keep trying to ask his boss and he hopes that he can at least get work off for at least for the first hour, to attend church! Therefore, he is defiantly in our prayers!!

Bit of interesting news of the south….Guess what we got a warning from the Alabama Mission President that some super, super Anti Mormon dude is lurking around the southern missions. Apparently he is trying to find recent LDS converts and tries to turn their hearts to becoming anti against the church. What a chump! As if Mister Ed Decker has nothing better to do than go around and be a bum. In my opinion he should spend his time doing a more fulfilling thing….like knitting! Yeah, I think that would be a better use of his time, or maybe actually reading the Book of Mormon! He had better watch out before Elder Blair (the Swamp Fox) pulls an Alma the younger on this mister Korahor! Ha ha But other than that bit of news…life here is going well and things are just peachy! We are going to be seeing some people this week and saying goodbyes as well, which will be really sad... However, change has to happen.

I had some great fan mail again this past week, please thank everyone for me. It's nice to see some love in the mail for old Elder Blair. And I loved the homemade pizza in a box idea! Also those are some man-sized marshmallows!!! Wow!! We will be roasting them this week!!

Oh, hey next week I am not going to be on long. I will just send my standard email and then head out to say goodbyes and pack. Don’t worry I will make the letter a good one; however I won't promise how long it will be though…ha-ha! It really doesn’t feel like I am leaving Florida this next week. I know I am, but it doesn’t feel real yet. I know that I will be back in Florida this fall, so maybe that is why it hasn’t sank in 100% yet. We also have some member meals planned this week, which is nice.

Also do I get to choose my sacrament songs or not? If I do …then well I want: I stand all Amazed for the sacrament song, but the others I don't mind too much what they are. Here are some of my favorites: I know that my Redeemer Lives, or We are all Enlisted, and I will go Where you Want me to Go. Any of those would be great.

Oh and do ya’ll have clippers at the house cause if you do then I won't pack mine. But on second thought maybe I should just bring them home with me…they might be too dangerous to leave in the hands of Elder Parker…hehehe. Today for P-day we are hanging out with a less active member family, but it should be fun! Hey, but I gotta get running Elder Parker is hungry! Ha-ha

Love yall!! See you soon…in fact… Yeah I will actually "See" you next week!!
Love Elder Blair, (Your favorite swamp fox who dwells in the South)