Monday, January 17, 2011

Starke, FL Letter #24 Jan. 17, 2011

Hello everyone back home,
Hey, wow... this week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me; I do not have any other word to describe how I am feeling right now. Moreover, unfortunately, I really don't have a super lot of time to email today and fill you guys in on everything; mainly because I am being transferred out of Starke tomorrow, tonight is my last night here. Therefore, I am getting ready to go around on my P-day today and say goodbyes to all of my peps here in Starke.

But holy cow this week was crazy wild and super busy. We taught our investigators Savannah, Noah and Charles. Now for the best part Elder Lewis and I and set baptismal dates with all of them, so that was a spiritual high!! Then Saturday we got transfer calls and well looks as if I am hitting the road yet again. I will miss serving with Elder Lewis, and being a part of the work in Starke. The members here are amazing and this area is on fire! As I leave this area, I have a comforting feeling because all of our investigators are super solid because they are member referrals! Savannah, Noah and Charles all have such strong testimonies!!

Man I am so sad that I will miss these 3 baptisms... and pretty sad to be leaving Starke. All the people that we have worked with are finally being baptized in the next few weeks but atlas I will miss that. But I will go and serve in another area. I know there is a need for me to work in another part of the vineyard. Where I will end up… well tomorrow will tell. Anyways fam and fans I will fill ya'll in more in depth detail when I have more time to write, so that will be next week. Today is dedicated to my peeps in Stake and saying goodbye to them.

Mom, the homemade treats you sent in the package was really, really good. Those cookies where the bomb dizzy!! Thanks again to everyone for all the letters and packages; I will let you know where I end up. Well, I gotta get running…I got peps to say goodbye to.

Love the Elder who hates to say goodbye…
Elder Blair