Monday, January 10, 2011

Starke, FL Letter #23 Jan. 10, 2011

Hello people,
This week has been amazing!! Elder Lewis & I have picked up several new investigators and most of them are referrals from members, and... (wait for it)... and... almost all the people we are teaching have amazing potential to be baptized! We have an appointment tonight with our investigator Savannah. She is from a less active member’s home. She has been attending seminary and coming to church and really loves it! We will be teaching her tonight at our Bishops house! Then later this week we are going to be having another appointment with Noah (and if all goes well we will set a baptismal date with him this week)!

Next thing we know Bishop just gave us two more referrals last night. These referrals are of a less active family that wants their children to be baptized! This week has been a blast we have had appointment after appointment this week. There is another family that we kind of lost track of, but found again (they are a less active part member family) and they showed up to church this week out of the blue! Elder Lewis and I are walking on air, we are so stoked!!

Yes, indeed things have been turning out well for us in our little area of Starke! Just a reminder Transfer calls are coming this Saturday so we will see what happens. If I am moving, I will be moving next Tuesday the 18th. I will let ya'll know what goes down next p-day. Speaking of that I loved the space bags!! If I do have to transfer those will come in super handy!!

As for everyone (so far) sending the cards with the New Year’s resolutions on them I thank you for that! It has been pretty helpful, and fun! I have received a lot of them; however, I think I am missing about 5 of them.

Well peeps back home, I gotta get running now, I only have about 5 minutes left on the PC so I'll talk to you next week! I hope all goes well for ya'll this week.

Love Elder Blair (teaching and dunking as fast as possible! Just call me the Super Soaker!!) ha-ha!