Monday, February 21, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #5 Feb. 21, 2011

Hey family and all my other peps,
All is well here in Florida!! This week we did a lot of service, oh yeah! We helped move a family out as they head off for Tallahassee; we also helped build a ramp for Brother Harris. Brother Harris had hip replacement surgery so he cannot get around too well so the ward got together to build him a ramp. Moreover, since Elder Johnson and I are pretty much the only young guys who were available in the ward we came and did all the heavy lifting! We really had a good time and Brother Harris was excited about the new ramp.

In addition to those projects, we helped a less active (part member) family do some yard work this week for several hours. Then Saturday we helped another part member family paint some of the windows on their house. My goodness, last week we could barley find someone to serve and now this week we had a whole army of people that needed help!! Elder Johnson and I really enjoyed it!

In other news; we didn't get our baptism that we were planning on for last Saturday the 19th. We still have to do some work with them to get them ready for baptism, but we did have great success with some of our less active families. We were stopping by this family’s house (maybe once a week) they are super cool people, but they had just not been coming to church. However, after our lesson this week we were able to get the wife to come on Sunday! Her husband and son stayed home though, but it’s a start! I think if we got that family back to church, that would be amazing because they are super nice and really cool!

This week with the Florida weather, it really has been heating up a lot. Not to the point where it is too hot - but very nice spring weather, which I am excited about! I really enjoy springtime in Florida, it’s a great time of year here.

I really enjoyed the 100 days candy bar poster that ya’ll made for me!! It was pretty clever! I can't believe I have less than 100 days left! I never really thought about it, until I opened the poster. Oh well.

My Companion Elder Johnson and I are getting along great!! I super love that kid!! He is going to be an awesome missionary! I am kind of nervous about transfers this week, because I really don't want a new companion just yet (this Saturday we get the calls) so I will let you know about that next week. Elder Johnson has been in this area 4 ½ months now, so he might be transferred. The great thing about our companionship is that Elder Johnson makes up for the area's that I lack in; and I make up for the areas he lacks in…so it is a really good companionship! We get a lot done, work hard and have tons of fun!

Well, hope all is going well for ya’ll. I love all the letters and things I have been receiving lately and as always I enjoy rubbing it in my companions face! Ha-ha!!

The Elder “with shoulders built for service” Blair