Monday, February 14, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #4 Feb. 14, 2011

Hey, hey, hey!!
So yet another week gone once again! It was a pretty interesting week! Elder Johnson and I did a lot of tracting… cause for some reason most people were busy this week and couldn't find the time to have us drop over. Tracting was long and there were a lot of doors slammed (of course) but amidst all of the bad things that come from tracting there is always a lot of good as well! We were able to pick up a new investigator this week from hours of tracting! Boom diggity!! Therefore, I hope all goes well with that.

We had an amazing stake conference this last week and we were able to get one of our investigator families to come to that, as well another investigator, his girlfriend and their 2 kids. With him, we are all praying about a baptismal date for him so that he can accept be dunked. He wants to be baptized; but he just is nervous about messing up again after baptism.

Nevertheless, this last week was sweet! Elder Johnson and I tried our best to focus on the atonement this week and put things into “action”. So on Tuesday tried to do a service for a member and for an investigator, ideally to find a way to serve each other. It was really fun telling people that we were trying to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ and do service for others. People had the strangest looks on their faces!! You should have seen their expressions when we would ask, “Could we please do any type of service for you?” You would be surprised how many people said “no”! It was just crazy; we were like “We will do anything you need…perhaps clean your house...mow your lawn? Anything!

Each and every time they would always say no. Man you would think if 2 great looking guys in prime health showed up at your door and said they would be more than willing to do any type of service for you…you would jump at the chance and say yes for sure! Then you would ask, “Do you have 3-4 other friends who want to come by and do housework and do yard work for free? Bring them all!!” Ha-ha!! Well then, finally after many failed attempts, we were able to help a member box up some things (cause they are getting ready to move). After that, we grabbed a 25-dollar gift card (for one of our more poor investigators) and left it in their door. We then did a classic “ding-dong ditch” and peeled out in our car! Yeah!! Therefore, that was our day of active service as wimpy as it was!

Today, we had a super fun P-day!! We went clam hunting down by the beach and scored a big 93 clams! We split them with our member friend Adam; he was the one that took us out with him to show us how it is done. Holy cow it was so much fun!! We got knee deep in the mud, and it took us quite awhile to actually find some “live” ones because the seagulls apparently picked them dry in several areas. At long last, we found this secluded place and saw their air bubbles. (There is a little hole in the sand and if you cover it over with sand and the hole comes back, there is live clams in there).

As soon as we saw the holes, we went to town digging! We only dug in a small area for about 15 minutes and pulled out 93 clams!!! Holy cow you could find like 6 in one little hole, it was so awesome!!! I really enjoyed learning to do that. Adam said when the weather gets warmer; he is going to show us how to catch crabs on the shore!!! I am super pumped for that!! Oh yeah! That is something awesome that they do here, that I never would have had the opportunity to do in Utah, so that is super cool I got a chance to try that today. With all of our clams we collected today, we are going to boil them and eat them later, so that should be pretty fun as well! When ya’ll come back with me to Florida, I will show you how to dig for clams and catch crabs on the beach, how does that sound?

Thanks for the Valentine packages that I received this last week, Elder Johnson and I really enjoyed them!! I know indeed that I am well loved!! It was a huge week of deliveries and mail for old Elder Blair!! Ha-ha!! Oh yeah sweet action!! I love ya'll and hope everyone back home is having as good as a time as I am!! It just doesn’t get any better than this!!

Well...that’s the week in the life of the missionary known as...Elder Blair
Love to everyone!