Monday, January 3, 2011

Starke, FL Letter #22 Jan. 3, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you set some great New Years goals and had a fun time during the New Year celebrations! Well this week was pretty fun and kinda slow at the same time. Since everyone was out on vacation, we had some fun times and ran into a few slower times as well with a lot of people not being home. However, this week we set a baptismal date with one of our investigators that we have been working with. We set his date for February 12th because; well, he gets off probation in February so it is a little ways in the future but it will all turn out good.

This week, has had us in cold weather and in warm weather all in the same week. Yeah so, one day we are putting on coats and scarfs and the next day we are wearing short sleeve shirts. Simply crazy, but that is Florida for you! Elder Lewis & I had a great New Years bash! We went over to our next-door neighbor the Barbers, and celebrated with them. At the party we had some of our investigators show up as well, which was fun! We had the opportunity to play some board games with them. We played Sorry and a game called Moods, which is really not that bad of a game. I liked it anyway. I remember last year I was enjoying an Oyster cookout on New Year’s Day! Do you guys remember that? I actually ate a raw oyster...yeah first and last time I tried that! I had a fun time though, it was all good!

This week also had some fantastic surprises! A member named Brother Beckham is having his Grandson live with him for several years, is bringing him to church, and wants him to be baptized! Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are having our first lesson with Noah; who is 12! This should be fun! We also picked up a less active part member family (out in the far reaches of our area) and we are going to be seeing them on Friday. Therefore this week is packed.

News update on Sister C. (the one that has cancer) she is still hanging on she made it passed Christmas and New years!!! Therefore, we are excited for her and her family! They had an amazing Christmas, so thanks to everyone back home who helped with that service for them. From what I hear, they really loved everything! I didn’t get a baptism this Christmas but we did get snow, which was awesome!!

And last little bit of news, Elder Oaks is coming to speak to our mission on January 22! Pretty sick! Really excited about that! I will know in about 2 weeks if I am being transferred or not, I think it is around the 15th of January. Not exactly positive on the date. Oh yeah for the 12 days of New Years I have received letters #1, #2 and #12 so far. Who all is sending them? Thanks for the Muddy Buddies; they were amazing I shared them with the Barbers for New Years!

Well that is all, Elder Lewis and I are going to play sports all day with the youth. They don’t go back to school until tomorrow. The teachers go back today to get everything ready but the youth head back on Tuesday. Man oh man, it is crazy to think that I come back this year. September would be perfect time to come back to Florida, ideal actually. It’s going to be sweet introducing you guys to everyone back here! Hey, I really got to get going now, so take it easy everyone. I will talk to you next week, I seriously gotta be running now. Lots to do. Love ya lots!

Take care, bye
Love Elder Blair (Having a “ball” on his P-day today!)