Monday, January 31, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #2 Jan. 31, 2011

Well peep’s here is another week that flew by excessively fast!
This last week I had the opportunity to go back down to Starke and witness a baptism for Noah Beckham! What a highlight for me, and it was really fun being able to see everyone again. Man oh man; it was an awesome baptism to say the least. Thankfully, wonderful CP drove us all the way there; because he had something he had to do in Gainesville that night. Without him, we probably would not have been able to attend the baptism. So that’s pretty cool how that all worked out for us!

This week in Fernandina, Elder Johnson and I have been teaching some investigators that are getting closer to baptism. This makes a missionary very, very happy! The month of February should be a really awesome month for missionary work. Especially since the whole Florida Jacksonville Mission (including each and every ward in our entire mission area) are doing a special fast this coming fast Sunday for missionary work in our mission to increase! The brethren of the Church want a 15% increase in baptisms in all the wards across the world for the month of February!! That is really neat to know that missionaries and wards everywhere will be focused on missionary work and baptisms!! So yeah, we are really looking forward to the month of February in the mission field!! Every missionary in Jacksonville is really excited to see what miracles will start taking place during the next four weeks!! Get ready for some miracles, cause here they come!!! Oh yeah baby!!

Let everyone know that they can send packages to our apartment. If they are not super big, they will put them in the “package box” that has a key. That way no one can get to it, except me and Elder Johnson. If they are on the larger size, they can still send them to Ronee’s address and she will get them to me when she sees me that week.

We are going to a local place for lunch today, it’s located on the island, and is called Sandy Bottoms…ha-ha!! Yeah that is truly the name. Yep pretty strange names of restaurants here…but some of them have the most amazing food ever!!

I have a bunch of pictures that I will send home this week, so be looking for those!! My companion is just finishing his e-mails so we will be going soon. We are both getting pretty hungry therefore first item of business after e-mails will be heading out to lunch!! So that’s pretty much the highlights of the week, just know that things are indeed moving along here in Fernandina and the ward here is really awesome!! I love being back here! I am all settled in and a very happy Elder! Now, I gotta get running, stomach is growling!!

Love Elder Blair (who is going to Sandy Bottoms, but does not have a sandy bottom…so don’t get those confused...ha-ha!!)