Monday, April 18, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #13 April 18, 2011

Hello to everyone back in Utah!!

Elder Blair reporting in for yet another week in Fernandina!

This week was filled with some good and some bad at the same time. The good was because we had lots of fun and found joy in doing missionary work despite the outcome. The bad because we have not found any new investigators…yet. This past week we went out hard, trying to find new people to teach. We were going through our area book using a microscope dissecting it all. We tried going and seeing former investigators; and even some old potential investigators… and we came up with nothing at all. Not even a nibble.

However, we did have fun trying! My companion and I were running from door to door (yes we literally ran from door to door…it's called “speed tracting”...Ha! at least it’s called that by us). Then on the days we rode our bikes; we were biking super hard and move quickly. Therefore, there is no question that we were not working hard enough and not doing our part to find someone. However, we may not have been working as “smart” as we could have. Therefore, this week we are going to try again, and see what things we can accomplish combining hard work (as fast as possible) and adding in the addition of being smart about where and when. We will see what happens now!!

As far as our current investigators go, they are all at a standstill at this present time. One of them still needs to get married (the spouse "to be" has some trust issues that they have to work out). The other investigator is wanting and ready to be baptized (but wants some family to come up from Utah to be with them, so they are working out schedules). In addition, our other investigator wants to do some more research about Joseph Smith first before she makes a decision. So hopefully something good will happen soon with one or more of them!

But the Fernandina ward members are doing super well!! They are still trying to work with the less actives and get them coming back to church. In fact, this last week we had several less actives just show up, unexpectedly! These were ones that we have not seen before and some that were not even on the records!! So that was super sweet! We loved that little Sunday bonus! So that is our week in a nutshell.

Oh funny story: My companion tried cutting his hair on his own for the first time this morning and well... let’s just say that there was several big “patches” actually missing from the sides after he was done. So in order to let him go out in public once again...we had to shave both sides of his head to make it look somewhat decent. Yeah, don't worry I took pictures!! Ha, ha it was pretty funny this morning!

I hope everyone back home has a great Easter and be sure to eat something yummy for Easter Breakfast and think of me here with oatmeal and cold cereal!! Ha-ha!! Thanks for the letters everyone! A letter a day keeps the missionary blues away...Anyways I am off to grab some lunch now, love ya'll and have a great Easter! Abbie I hope the bunny finds your house!

Love Elder “Repair Barber” Blair