Monday, March 21, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #9 March 21, 2011

Hello people,
Well to start out, we biked this week twice! And I enjoyed every minute of it! The weather was lovely and nice. The best part was that road that gave me my butt trouble the first time I was here in Fernandina well I came out I licked it like a pro! Oh yeah! Take that you stupid, long, nasty old road!! You ain't so nasty now!! Elder Blair is back and he ain't taking any crap! Yeah boy! I wasted that hill! I think I should whistle “Another one bites the dust” as I pass that hill next time! My bike is the best and the fastest bike in the mission! And I am the fastest missionary I know at this point on a bike! Speaking of bikes, what do you want me to do with my bike? Bring it home for Drew, or sell it out here. It is all broke in for missionary work …and in all the right places, (if you know what I mean) and this bike knows how to do some serious missionary work, day after day…so it’s ready for yet another Blair missionary to take the handle bars!!

I loved St Patty’s Day this year! I went to bed the previous night with a green rubber band on and in the morning I woke up, ripped the blankets off Elder Parker and saw he was not wearing any green! So I pinched the living daylights out of that boy!! Ha, ha! I got him 9 times, until I took mercy on him. So that was fun. Then later that night after we got back and did our planning; he was getting into his PJ’s and once again I noticed that he didn't have anything green to wear… so I got him again. Then I gave him a green rubber band to put on to save himself from me. Muhahaha!! I know, you’re thinking he should have been more ready and prepared after all he is an eagle scout! First rule to remember: Never bunk with an Irishman on St. Pattie’s day, if you’re not prepared with some green!

In other news, we picked up 3 new investigators this week. Better yet, all have potential to be baptized soon! So I am super excited about that!! Two of them are part member families!! So hey, we will see what happens there. I will let ya'll know what goes down.

Spring break hit this past week here, and that means there are loads of people here in Fernandina! Which then presents a great opportunity to teach! Oh yeah! Ha, ha!! Just perfect for some missionaries here in Fernandina to hit the streets! Things are going so well here. The members are really coming alive and going on tradeoffs with us on a weekly bases! We are really getting things moving here! I don't think it will be long before we have another explosion!!

Well that’s pretty much the Fernandina news for this point and time. Thanks for all the packages and gifts that ya'll sent, I got the St. Patrick’s package (I wore the St, Pat’s tattoo sleeves out tracting last Thursday…just kidding). And yeah I have printed off those pics onto a cd and will be sending that home this week. Well that tis all for now, I’ll talk to ya next week.
love Elder Blair (who kicked some major hills’ butt this week!)