Monday, January 24, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #1 Jan. 24, 2011

Like coming home ...
Well, well, well...Looks like I am back in Fernandina again!! I am super excited and I am loving every minute of it. I was so bummed to leave Starke last week. However, God blessed me by bringing me to my birthplace!! The members are all excited to see me again!! C.P has already pulled a prank on us (my third day here) in celebration of my return. Jason and Debbie about flipped out when I showed up at their door!! I told them to “be careful for what you wish for you just might get it!” In addition, Ronee took me out to lunch my second day here! Lol It really felt like coming home!

The apartment is still the same and some of my old “treasures” still reside there! Just in case ya'll forgot the address it is 123 Hirth road #1607 Fernandina Beach FL 32034! So yeah baby! I still miss people in Starke but this really does help remove the blues by coming to a place I know and a place I love so much.

My new companion is Elder Johnson. He has been out for 4 months and is a super, super, hard worker and also really funny, therefore we get along just fine!! Elder Johnson is from Spanish Fork, Utah. Elder Johnson and I have several investigators that are getting close to baptism already and this ward is all about missionary work!! Elder Johnson and I are scheduled for several tradeoffs this week with members!! Therefore, we are pretty pumped about that!

Elder Oaks was amazing, what a spiritual beast! He talked a lot about receiving revelation and our role in the church and why revelation is a special gift given to each of us. I really loved listening to Elder Oaks and feeling of his spirit, it was an amazing meeting. Then afterwards I was able to shake his hand individually and say a few words to him. By the way… how did you e-mail an apostle mom? When Elder Oaks shook my hand after the meeting he mentioned that he had received an e-mail from my mother back home. Man, mothers have connections to everyone don’t they? Lol.

Man oh man, it is so fun to be here again! I arrived in Fernandina as a fresh little greenie at the beginning of my mission and now almost 20 months later I am right back to where I first began. Awesome!! I will keep ya'll updated about what happens here with the people we are working with and the happenings at “home” in Fernandina!

I have not received your last letter because I left before it arrived (due to the holiday last Monday) but I will be heading back to Starke for a baptism this Thursday so I will get my stuff then! Yeah baby! I am goin' back for Noah’s baptism! I got special permission to attend! Elder Lewis was suppose to bring my mail and any last packages to me on the Mission Conference with Elder Oaks... but well... he forgot (lol go figure). I love that kid!!

I don’t really need anything, just being back home is enough to make this Elder grin from ear to ear! And hey if you talk to Sister Gainey tell her I say hi and I will see her on Thursday I hope at the baptism!

Love, Elder Blair (who is very happy to be home again!)