Monday, April 25, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #14 April 25, 2011

Well hello to all the people out there who are reading the weekly chronicles of Elder Blair, of Fernandina Florida!

First, we had a pretty neat week! Things here are still kinda slow; however, things are definitely beginning to look up. Elder Parker and I were able to snag a new investigator this last week, and even better than that, he seems very promising! He has been looking for a church “home” for a while now and, no church he has been to seems to match up with the church he reads about in the Bible…until he met us. It was kinda neat how we met him. We were actually looking for his mom (that is a super less active member) and when we went to her house we found out that, she does not live at that house anymore. Instead, it is just him there. The first time we met him, it did not seem to promising. He told us then that he did not want to be a member, however we could come by whenever we wanted and talk about the bible with him. Now this first meeting was actually way back when I was with Elder Johnson. So many months ago. At that time, we (Elder Johnson and I) really didn't feel like he was interested.

Now fast forward to this week: So then, this week we were struggling to find a new investigator and he came into my mind. And you know how I am sometimes…stubborn me… I was like "Really? Come on -that guy is not interested." Then the prompting came again. And still I was like… "You don't know what you’re saying this guy? No way...ok fine, we will give him a shot." We came by later that day and he immediately let us in. We had a super awesome lesson with him and he loved it! Unfortunately, he was out of town this weekend for Easter, but this coming weekend he should be coming to church! We are so stoaked!!

I had a really great Easter, thanks for all the cool stuff!! Unfortunately, the chocolate did melt a bit… but I put it in the fridge and it was perfect! And I loved the blow up “pillow tie” ha-ha!! I told bishop I would be using that next ward council! Ha!! Next thing you know the entire priesthood group will be asking for a pillow tie! Ha!

I will be sending some more stuff home this week, so watch for those things please. Also I did read about the doll Abbie got from the Easter Bunny, tell her those are still really popular here in Florida! I bet not many girls in Utah have a LaLa Loopsie Doll; she can be one of the first!! Let her know that I think that is neat, she got one!

But hey, I gotta get going. I am hungry and we still have to go do our laundry. And oh, we are going to bike up to an old fort here on the island today for the afternoon and do some exploring! Love you guys!! I will be talking to some of you “for real” in a couple weeks, Mother’s day phone calls are coming up! Well, I had better go, not to worry Elder Parker and I will keep moving forward and keep doing our best!

Love, Elder “still learning to listen” Blair