Monday, May 9, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #16 May 9, 2011

Hey, hey, hey, yall it’s your favorite Swamp Fox reporting in for another week!

Life here in Fernandina is well. I hope all the mothers out there had a great Mother’s Day! I had to give a surprise talk on Sunday, it kind of felt like a farewell talk in a way. If you add up the months (total) that I have been serving in Fernandina it comes to 9 full months!! Wow, that is crazy! This seems to be my Florida home, I began here and I will end here.

Elder Parker and I are super excited for this next week. We are going to extend baptismal invites to as many people as we can find, and we our goal is not to take NO for an answer! Therefore we will do our very best to bring someone into the font to be baptized this week!
For starters tonight, we are seeing a part member family we have been working with. The husband says that he “would be baptized if only he had Sundays off”. So Elder Parker & I have been fasting and praying for him specifically. We have decided that tonight we are going to share with him the story of Nephi. And focus mainly on the part where he went to go get the plates and how Nephi knew that God would provide a way for him to accomplish his commandments. We are going to relate that directly to him and then extend the invitation for him to be baptized this Sunday! He has been to church enough times and knows it is true, now it is time to go and do! Therefore, I will let yall know how that goes!

Yes, Elder Parker and I have not stopped running from door to door! Things in this area are still going slow, but nevertheless we are going to give our Very Best To God. Time to lay it all on the line and go harder, and be bolder than ever before. I still have plenty of time for a miracle or two, so therefore I am going forward and I will expect to see some!
That was cool that you got to meet President Newman and Sister Newman yesterday! Wow... I love that man, and I miss him. President and Sister Newman are amazing! I really love President Barry too, he is a good man.

I was happy to hear that Sister Bass, Sister Lewis and Sister Johnson might be at my homecoming! That would be super sweet!!! It would be cool to see them and give them updates on their missionaries! They are all great missionaries for God! Strong and steadfast!
Today for p-day we are probably going to try a local joint for lunch and then play board games with a family that we helped reactivate, for the rest of the afternoon. Then head home, get some dinner and after that get ready to visit our part member family and challenge him to take the plunge.

Well it was sure nice talking to you yesterday! I hope you had the rest of a wonderful mother’s day! Can’t wait to see ya’ll in two and a half weeks!! I loved all the letters and care packages I received last week. It sure picks up my days to see letters addressed to the old Elder Blair. The new missionaries are starting to call me ancient…LOL yeah I may be old but hey, I still rake in the mail…so yeah that is the way I role here!! Ok love you guys back in Utah and I will talk to you next week!!! I gotta get running my time is about out.
The swamp fox, Elder Blair