Monday, February 28, 2011

Fernandina Beach, Letter #6 Feb. 28, 2011

Here we are another week-gone way to fast!

Well, first off - for transfers (which will be Tuesday this week) I am staying in Fernandina and my companion Elder Johnson is indeed leaving, kinda stinks; but I suppose change is good. I really hope that I stay in Fernandina until time for me to head home. I really want Elder Day to come here and be my last companion, so maybe tomorrow that will happen. I am thinking that this next companion will be my last companion. So yesterday (and again today), Elder Johnson and I have been swinging by some people’s houses and saying his goodbyes to everyone he has come to know and love here in Fernandina Beach. Today for his last P-day, he wants to go to a local pizza place in town and try that out for lunch so after this letter we will be going for pizza!

On Saturday, Elder Johnson and I got a call from one of the primary teachers in the ward asking us if we could play the role of King Benjamin during primary. Sweet sauce!! So Sunday during Primary, we were able to dress up and do a little skit for the primary kids! It was super fun!! Well actually, on Saturday night we did a little practice performance! We figured that since we live on in a two story building it would be the perfect place to practice. We went out onto our porch at 9:00 pm and I played the role of King Benjamin to our neighbors! Ha-ha yeah! To tell the truth, I am not exactly sure if anyone heard us…but it was fun nevertheless.

This week at church, we were able to get an awesome less active family to come back to church!!! moreover (wait for it…) they stayed for the full 3 hours of meetings and participated in all the class discussions! Elders Blair and Johnson are way stoked about that!! Man oh man…Elder Johnson and I have had so much fun serving here together in Fernandina. He is an amazing missionary! We work hard and have fun while we work!!

I have not received the homemade bread, but don’t worry when it finally…does arrive ehh I will just pray over it and eat it anyways, stale or not!! Ha-ha! Oh yeah news of the mission- we found out that our mission boundaries are going to change this summer and go up into Georgia and some areas of South Carolina. It won’t happen until July, I think. That will really expand our area. I never got a chance to serve in Georgia but I hear it is really pretty up that way.

I am going to ask Sister Gainey for some of her southern recipes. No one cooks like her!! Her cooking is sooo good!!! Maybe we can trade her some northern recipes…hehehe!! Sister Gainey is the best!! I told her that she is pretty much the older sister I never had! That’s a cool thing about missions. It’s kinda cool to come on a mission and gain more family members!!

So yeah, that is pretty much the week in a nut shell. Today I will be getting a new GPS because I have saved up enough money. I will also start putting addresses from my peps in Florida in the GPS, so we can keep everyone’s addresses for our return visit!! I gotta get running now so I will have to talk to you next week!!

Love ya’ll
Elder (serving in righteousness) Blair (Words of Mormon 1:17)