Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MTC Letter 4 June 5, 2009

June 5, 2009

Ok, so I will call around 6 pm (probably), basically just to say that, “I am still leaving on the 10th and that I have not got the swine flu”, but they get all sorts of upset if we say that! Lol so technically it is called Influenza A lol, but whatever.

So this week we have been on strict protocol to stay in our rooms if we have any symptoms such as cough, sore throat, aches, chills, or fever. One of my companions Elder Frampton went home with a confirmed case of it. After that, me and Elder Perez kept going to the front desk to get our temps checked, (he went home on a Saturday) and on Sunday, I came down with a 99.2 temp which is only a slight fever but they made me stay in bed all day, (which was totally weak). But I got over it, so that’s good!

Elder Perez & I took some time to get use to us being a “two companionship” but we got in the swing of things and we taught really well. Elder Frampton came back today, so now we have to get use to being a three companionship again, but we will.

So food here is still making some of us gassy, but I’m used to that by now. Most of our district got cold’s over the weekend (and Monday), so a lot of weekend time was...basically being in our rooms. They are cracking down on that, in fact now they won’t let parents drop off their missionary's in the MTC room. ALl missionaries have to be dropped off at the curb now. We were the second to last group EVER to have our families with us, inside the MTC. I heard the First Presidency was planning to do that anyway September of last year; but they extended it. So we got lucky! lol

Anyway, this past Saturday we were working on teaching the “word of wisdom”, and my teacher wrote that on the board, (but put it as WOW, which I laughed at that! Because I haven’t even thought of that game until now)! Guess I will be learning a different type of WOW now. But all of us are excited to get out of here, and to Florida! We are also scared as well, cause we will be teaching real people soon. We are also sad that we are leaving each other, cause we have all gotten so close as friends. We are planning to meet up after the mission, which would be totally tight.

Since the swine flu there is no more b-ball cause it is a contact sport (which is lame) so we are just going to be playing volleyball which is fun; we love the cool sand court! I am taking pictures of being a Jedi, cause we got light sabers after the first week of being here, cause we are learning to use “the force" and all that, now.

I got my pics off my camera and onto a CD. I will mail it home soon, so you can upload to your scrapbook (and don't forget to put some on face book). Email is a lot faster than writing. I felt like I wrote a lot, but they give me a time limit on this stupid computer thing, so now I have 8 minutes left. I’m just in the laundry room doing some washing at the same time.

Oh as a District on Thursday, we decided that we are not going to say anything “worldly” until Sunday night, like no movie quotes and no worldly songs or nothing. It is somewhat hard, but oh well. Man time has gone by so fast!!! I can't imagine how it will feel in two years. I will be like, “Man felt like I was just in the MTC!”

My favorite scripture just in case the Ward asks is Matthew 14: 29-31 that’s the one where Peter is walking on the water (I think that is the reference, but not sure). Yeah, I love how the Savior saved him and then said, “Oh ye of little faith”, and it says he immediately stretched forth His hand. He didn't just wait, and say “oh ye of little faith” then pulled him up. No, He saved him first, and then lectured him. Awesome scripture!!

I better get going. I will call tonight for a few (only 5 min) so yeah. I will call in Salt Lake and Atlanta the day I fly to Florida. We have to be at the MTC travel office at 4 am so early, early, even for missionaries!! lol

Well take care family

Elder Blair