Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MTC Letter #2 May 25, 2009


Things are now just rocketing here at the MTC! With a little sadness my companion Elder Wall went home. I kept trying to tell him to endure to the end and the Lord will bless him, but I guess it did not take...

I'm now companions with Elder Perez, and Elder Frampton. Both are really great Elders and the Spirit we have is amazing. Today we practiced doing "street contacts" with approaching Elders at the MTC and I felt the spirit leading me what to say the entire time.

I'm learning so much about the gospel here! At times I get jealous when the other language speaking Elders are talking in foreign tongues. But on the other hand I would not want to stay here for a full 2 months, especially not after all the things I have learned! I just want to get out and DO!

All of my district are so awesome. We played volleyball the other day as a entire group. We built so much unity (in a fun way of course). As we study and write down lessons it is amazing at the promptings the spirit gives us. We just got done with laundry as a district, and the whole time we were all down there memorizing scripture while washing our clothes. It was so funny, Ha!

Sorry I cannot write to all of you individually, I'm just short on time because laundry took longer than I wanted. I will try next week to send individual letters to everyone. Tell Abbie her card was awesome, and tell Drew I love him as well and that I have some good ideas for the next Blair missionary!! Everything is well here.

Love your missionary pal,
Elder Blair