Monday, July 6, 2009

Fernandina Beach, FL Letter #4 July 6, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Still really humid down here, but I am getting use to it, so that’s good. I got to the library a little late today, but all is good. I really enjoy Florida; everything is really green down here!

The 4th of July was amazing! The Zone Leaders wanted us to set a goal for the 4th of 100 lessons and 100 baptism invites! So we went out early and went to work! We skipped lunch, and ended up tracting for about 7 hours straight! We were so busy tracting that we took no thought about food or drink because as long as we set our mind on His work… blessings just seem to come!

We were really hot and sweaty, but still happy about the work! Several people gave us water bottles! We met some nice people, but most were not interested in our message. We found some sweet people and we know that the Lord is still preparing some of them. They just were not quite ready. They will be soon, just not ripe enough yet.

(I have to type fast because these computers only have 30 minutes on them, and people are in line waiting; so I will hurry).

Oh, we also tract'd into this awesome guy, (he didn't want to hear our message) but he offered us water. He gave us some water and then said, “Well tell your friend that he can come get some water too, I got plenty for you all.” We told him it was just me and Elder See and he had this really confused look on his face. Then he said, “I could have sworn I saw three of you guys coming around the corner” (he was on his porch when we met him). But yeah, there probably were three of us. :) After that, we didn't think about our thirst (we had the water), didn't think about our hunger either.

That night we had two BBQs! First one, from a member Brother Mangleson and our Second BBQ dinner was at Jason and Debbie's place. Brother Mangleson was at 5pm, then Jason and Debbie's at 7pm lol. We were stuffed, but we ate as much as we could!

Oh, I got the greenie package, it was pretty sweet, and I really enjoyed it! I sent a letter home with a picture of a wicked sunset! Yeah um, don't worry about sending extra t shirts we only wear those kinds of clothes doing sport activities, or service projects. Other than that, (even on P-day,) we are in our shirt and tie.

We are working hard. We got some cool new investigators this week! Twain is a cool guy hopefully he will get baptized, same with Darrell, both swell dudes. I got about 10 minutes left, so I will hurry (or maybe I can get some more time… who knows- I will find out). Anyway, this Branch is soo cool down here! The area has many good-hearted people; set in their way, (most are old and rich lol) but someone out there is ready for us! So we will keep looking.

Oh, I do need a blanket, cause Florida is not cold… but our AC is!! A little heavier blanket would be nice, that moose one I took just doesn't it. I can't think of what else to write. The week goes by so fast… good thing I keep a journal. lol My mission is already going so fast, soon I will have been out two months, I can’t believe that! I am learning so much out here, working hard, and having fun too!

I love you all. I am looking for a Gator so I can get a picture to send to you. Gotta go though, my time is up. Please tell everyone thanks so much for the cards and notes, Elders love getting mail!!
I will write better next week!