Monday, July 13, 2009

Fernandina Beach, FL Letter #5 July 13, 2009

Hey, Hey, Hey Everyone

I am sending a CD soon with over 100 pictures on it. I will send it and then if you have questions just let me know. In the future, I will just print off a little thumbnail print picture that shows all the pictures and then I will put a little note beside each one. This time I won’t cause I forgot… but yeah oh well. I might still have time today to print off a thumbnail print of the pictures, not sure. So we will see. lol So if you get one then ya do, and if you don't get one, then just let me know if you have any questions about who or what is happening in the pictures after you get the CD.

This Saturday we are getting “transfer calls.” It seems hard to believe that I have been in this area almost 6 weeks! I really love this area! It is really, really pretty and the Branch is really cool! It is slow as far as investigators and baptisms; but I don't let that get me down. I just take one day at a time, and I love every minute of every day!

Elder See and I tract all day unless we have appointments, (which aren’t many,) so mostly we tract all day, every day. I am getting pretty tan, I’m even getting a watch tan line, (which I am pretty proud of) ha ha! So, we tract all day, then Elder See does “District calls” to other missionaries beginning at 9 pm each night. After that then we crash hard; and if we don't crash when we hit our pillows- we have not worked hard enough that day.

Also, we just had President Interviews, which was sweet! I totally love President Newman; he always blows me away- spiritually. I think he is going to be a GA but that’s just my opinion.

We have a baptism scheduled for the 26th of this month, so hopefully that goes through! His name is Mike Potts really a super nice guy. He likes to help people. He was going to be a licensed minister until he found the missionaries.  If all goes well, (the only problem he has, is coming to church) so hopefully we can get him out, and he can be baptized on the 26th! So if you want…keep him in your prayers, we will be!

I really love Florida, such a beautiful place! The humidity is getting easier to deal with, and the rain is so powerful down here!! We had a lightning storm that was directly over us; I have never seen lightning so close!! It was pretty cool, it lights up the entire sky and everything!!! And it makes the walls shake with the thunder!! I LOVE the storms down here!

Jason and Debbie are doing well, Jason is still waiting to be baptized, but he considers himself a “dry” Mormon. He is such a funny guy, and has an awesome testimony. To hear him tell “his story” is just so funny! He says, "All I wanted was a free Bible; and I got 2 free Bibles, 2 free Book of Mormons, a wife, a new church, and two best friends." lol He is totally cool.

Yeah I wouldn't mind staying in this area for another transfer, it is pretty nice here. The branch is taking good care of us. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we have classes at the Branch. Tuesday is a Book of Mormon class for members/recent converts/investigators (basically anybody). Brother Elliot teaches that class, but now he is on vacation- so we teach it for him until he comes back. When I say “we,” I mean me! Lol I teach for that whole hour (7pm-8pm), I get such a rush from teaching! I love it so much!! We read a chapter or two out of the Book of Mormon, and then we pick it apart piece by piece, verse by verse. Which is so much fun! We just finished with King Benjamin’s speech (which was really cool).

Then on Wednesday’s we have a convert/investigator class, where we pick a subject and then go in depth with it. I really enjoy that too! Last week Elder See taught, so I think this week I will get to teach the class. Which I don't mind at all, I really love teaching! I always get such a spiritual high from that!

I am glad to hear the family reunion was not so hot, lol I meant temperature wise! First year I can remember that we had rain at a reunion though. Oh, before I forget let everyone know that because of a possible transfer; don’t send mail past Saturday (July 18th) cause I don't know if I will leave this area or not. I will let you know next Monday (July 20th) in my normal e-mail if I am leaving. But even then, I won’t know where until Thursday of that week (so around the 23rd) so remember this coming Saturday is the last day to send mail.

I did not get grandma's package yet, maybe this week, but remember don't mail after Saturday. And um lost my train of thought… give me a second.... or two... The Wal-Mart card helped out a lot! I used what was left over from the 4th of July BBQ items to buy some extra groceries. I have not eaten possum or raccoon yet, probably this week.

Tell Grandma I am writing down recipes I am learning out here and she can try and cook them for you guys! Lol Elder See made Feijoada (some Brazilian thing) that his brother learned when he severed down there. But yeah, stuff like that I am keeping it written down. I made Elder See a homemade pizza which was really good, but yeah that was pretty much my week.

I got the new debit card and the president letter you sent. My shoes are getting beat up a bit, lol but I am going to keep beating them up so that I can walk off the plane in these things… and be like, “look at my shoes”! Lol They will be a cool keepsake!

I almost caught a snake! Ha, but it was too fast! I still have not caught a lizard yet, their stinking tails brake off when I try to grab at them. I caught lots of lizard tails though! Ha ha! (The tail keeps wiggling for a while after it breaks- kinda gross, but cool at the same time).

Well I love you all, hope you all stay safe and such! My next update will be next Monday! So yeah, keep reading and praying!

The Awesome Red Head in Florida!
Elder Blair