Monday, July 27, 2009

Fernandina Beach, FL Letter # 7 July 27, 2009

Hey, hey it is your favorite Elder again, reporting from Fernandina!

I confirmed the “Hulk” (Mike) yesterday. It was pretty cool, I didn't mess up, which was good! In addition, I also talked in sacrament meeting yesterday. I don't get as nervous as I once did talking in Sacrament. I actually enjoy talking really. It was a really nice meeting. A new convert Greg (there is a picture of us in front of the Orlando Temple, posted on the blog) talked also. He didn't even use any notes…that guy is a beast.

Unfortunately, we are about out of miles for the car, so we have to ride our bikes almost every day (and my bum hurts!) It is ok though, I am willing to sacrifice my bum for the work! Ha-ha!!

We met a new investigator, she was a media referral. Her name is Alexandra. At first, she only wanted a free bible, we explained a few things about the Book of Mormon and then she wanted one of them too. The next day we came by, gave her a Book of Mormon, and committed her to be baptized. Alexandra said she is looking for a new church and so she thinks this will be good for her. She is really amazing. After talking with her, she is thinking about getting married to her boyfriend, and she is willing to give up smoking and drinking. So that’s good! She will try to come to our class on Wednesday at 7pm at the Branch.

So anyways, I read the blog comments today and yeah lol that’s cool!! Several people from the branch found my blog as well. I will read it each week on P-day.

Elder See was transferred to St Augustine. We had raccoon with Brother Harris before he left, and holy cow Brother Harris knows how to cook! Elder See was scared to try it, but I dug right in! Ha –ha! It was soooo good, didn’t taste weird or nothing.

Oh and it rained so hard the other day that it rained sideways!! The rain was coming down so hard it almost snapped a tree in half! My new companion is Elder Bowen. He is a pretty cool guy. He is from Boise, Idaho and has been out 18 months. So yeah, he will be going home soon.

(And yeah my bum hurts sitting in this hard chair, so this letter might be short sorry. Yeah hopefully I will have an awesome month I will always try to better myself, from month to month. I have never been so tired and so stressed out on my mission, but I have also never been so happy than I am out here serving in Florida! I love it out here!! My testimony has grown so much, it is amazing. And I still have 22 months to have it grow even more! Ha, the time is just going by so fast!

Please tell everyone I am sorry I have not sent lots of letters to them personally. Tell them I try but I get so busy each and every day. Sometimes I do better just e-mailing a general letter that can post to the blog for everyone. Anyways things are fun out here! I am hoping to do better than I did last month! I will always try to push myself harder, because I know it will be worth it! After all that I can do, then will the Lord help me.

Oh-oh-oh guess what? Elder Bowen and I got free milk today! This is what happened; we were going to pick up some really good milk (that is only down here in the South) and so we stopped by CVS pharmacy where it is the cheapest. It is called TG Lee milk. So we went in and they were out, but just as we were leaving the milkman pulled up. We decided to wait, until he went in and loaded the milk on the shelves. Then we went in to get our milk; we grabbed a carton and was heading to the check out, when the milkman said, “Boys put those back!” When I heard that I thought, “Dude seriously you are going to deny the Lord's servants their milk?” Then he said to meet him at his truck in a few minutes. So we put the milk back, and went out to meet him at his truck. Guess what? He gave us free milk! Oh yeah! He won me over… Lord bless the TG Lee milkman!!! I don't know if he was a member or not, but he made a celestial friend in me! Lol

So anyways everyone, I love being a missionary!! I don't ever want to stop! Things are going so well. Until next week, take care everyone. You can always write me, I love letters (even though sometimes I am too busy to write back immediately). I promise I will respond as soon as I can.

I hope all of you are doing well. Remember to always read and pray because that is where I found my peace and joy. Please tell the primary children that I really loved their pictures! They were pretty cool. I put them up on the wall all around my bed.

Anyways see ya later all!! Oh, one more thing. I finally tried boiled peanuts from Brother Harris! They were so good!! Anyways I gotta go, sorry this is not very long this week, but my bum hurts in this chair. I put “Sore no More” on it every night. If anyone has a suggestion for getting over sore bike bum, tell them to write me as soon as possible!! Ha-ha!!
Take care

The slowly getting a tan “Ginger” in the south, Elder Blair