Monday, July 20, 2009

Fernandina Beach, FL Letter #6 July 20, 2009

Hey, hey, hey another week already!

So, lots to talk about this week, so much jammed packed stuff happened!! Ok, so first off, I am not being transferred. I will remain at this address for at least another 6 weeks, but Elder See is being transferred. This Thursday I will get a new companion, which is good for Elder See, because his time with this area is done. I don't mind staying though; a lot more needs to be done here!

Well let’s talk about Mike; he is a 6'5 320lb HULK! He towers over Elder See and I, and that is when he slouches!!! Lol Now to add onto that, Mike is a Minister (well now a former minister). We went and talked to him because our Jacksonville Mission area was trying to have 100 baptisms on the weekend of the 19th. We prayed hard for a baptism so that we could help with our mission’s goal of 100 baptisms and a name came to us- Mike. We were like "Mike? - Minister Mike?"

Last time we had talked with him, he was trying to start his own church, so we kinda dropped him as an investigator. Nevertheless, we were told Mike’s name, so we went and did as we were told. We laid it to him flat out. We were like "Mike building another church is wrong cause there is only true church and it is, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Any other Church is not a church of Christ.” And he was like .....(Long pause) "Ok." So we were somewhat like stunned for a bit, and didn’t say anything. Next we thought maybe we should explain things a little more, so we added, "Once you become a Mormon you’re staying a Mormon and you should try and get your other friends to become Mormon, ok?" Once again, he was like "Ok." So now we were pumped! We asked, "Do you want to be baptized into this church?" and he said, “Yes!” Ok so we were not only pumped, but now we were really, excited!

Mike is a really, sweet guy. He grew up in Michigan (in Detroit) and he was telling us of his scary experiences there as a kid. He said, "If you walk to the store you sometimes fear for your life, because the Street People up there tease and heckle you. They say things like, “Come over here white boy!" The whole time he is telling us this story, I am just thinking to myself, “Mike!! Your 6'5 and 320lbs!!! You could just slap them and their jaw would fall off! (Or, as Elder See says, he could pass gas and blow the entire Lamanite army away if he wanted!) Ha ha. But Mike wouldn't hurt anyone, he’s just a gentle giant.

So by the weekend he is already for baptism (meaning he was interviewed and everything). Yeah there we were waiting there at church, just waiting and waiting for him to show up. Still he was not coming. This whole time I am thinking (his sister is an anti Mormon) so I was thinking, “She scared him off and he won't show or something.” By this time, I was now waiting in the parking lot and praying that Mike would show. I was totally freaking out. Then Elder See and I decide to drive to his place, and who do we see? Mike, just finishing locking up and getting in his car, he was just running late. Then I throw up a “prayer of thanks” to my Father in Heaven and a thought came to me, it said, “Oh ye of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” Yeah, so the Spirit pretty much rebuked me. lol

First, we had a Court of Honor after church, for a young man in our branch that made Star. Mike is there visiting and such. Then comes time for the baptism, and Elder See is baptizing Mike. I was in the small hallway down from the font, just to watch and make sure things went ok. Lol now remember Mike is 6'5 320!!! Now picture Elder See next to him. So Elder See dunks him, and well… let us just say, “That there were almost was a double baptism!!” Poor Elder See was trying to pull Mike back up and he almost went down, his eyes were popping out of his head!! I was sitting there smiling, trying so hard to hold in my laughter! I thought, “Elder See almost got baptized by someone without the Authority!!” Ha- Ha. But, Mike stood up and all was fine! Elder See got him in one shot! Yeah, Elder See probably had an angel help lift up Mike, cause other than that we would have had a double baptism for sure! So yep, all went well and I will be confirming him this coming Sunday. Ha, good stuff!!

You asked some questions - Let’s see. One was about washer and dryers, right? Yeah, I need to go to a laundry place. It is in our apartment complex, we don't have a washer and dryer in our apartment (but I hear some missionary apartments do). But all is well here.

Next question was about my hair having a part now. Um yeah, the part on the side is a mission thing. President Newman has asked us to part our hair, so we are obedient and wear it that way.

So since this is Elder See's last P-day in Fernandina Beach, we are going to see the lighthouse here that he has always wanted to see. The Branch really hates to see him go, and boy do I have some big shoes to fill. Lol. Hopefully my next companion and I will be able to have the font filled every week! Yeah that’s my goal!

Hope all is well at home. Hope work and stuff is well, because I don't know if the economy is still bad or not. I hear some people say they think it is going to get better soon. The only news and stuff I get out here is if a TV happens to be on while we are tracting to people’s homes. Ha-ha like Michael Jackson, yeah we saw through a window he was dead. That’s how we heard the news, but other than that, we get no TV or news - what so ever.

The fishing is really sweet down here. I see lots of people with these huge loads! This one guy was talking to us about a 300lb fish they catch down here! I hear August is the hottest month for Florida, so I hope I can hold out! Ha ha.

I had such a craving to play WOW or WAR a few days ago, lol but I just kept on working and the feeling passed! Ha, ha oh boy. Anyways things are going very well and I caught a toad!! (they are a lot slower than a lizard ha ha) I will keep trying for a lizard however!

I honestly hope Drew, that you are not gone by the time I get back, cause I got some awesome mission stories to tell you before you leave! So maybe try to be home for at least a week after I get home, before you ship off? Lol But the mission will be the best time of your life! I am already having a blast! Just do your best to hit the ground with a running start! And you will be fine.

Start doing your best to prepare now. I didn't hit the MTC with a running start at first, and I fell on my face, but I picked myself back up and started running and I have been fine my whole mission so far. Just start developing a personal relationship with your Father in Heaven now, and you will be a dominating missionary! I have got tons of tips for ya, so I don't want my little bro. on your mission until I see ya and give you tips lol. But remember you will still stumble but continue to pray and read the scriptures and if you start to fall, I guarantee if you’re doing what’s right, there will be a Hand out to catch you before you face plant! Ha, ha I know from experience!

Tell everyone, I am going to try super hard to find time to write each of them soon and thank them for all of the letters and cards etc.

Anyways, I love you guys a lot. Looks like Fernandina still needs this Awesome Red Head to baptize more people !! So I will go and DO!

Take care everyone, love you all, and please keep writing!

With love from,
That awesome Elder somewhere in the south-Elder Blair!


Anonymous said...

Hey Elder Blair sounds as if you have had a great week!! Keep it up!!