Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MTC Letter 3 May 29, 2009

May 29, 2009
Dear Fam,

So another week down, Yeah dad, it does feel like I’m in the army but in a good way I guess. So questions that you asked that you wanted answered, right? Elder Wall went home, so my companion’s now are Elder Perez and Elder Frampton. Both are really, good guys. Elder Frampton is from Pleasant Grove, Utah and Elder Perez is from Idaho. Um… we did some practice teaching with some “investigators” which went really well. We are really good at teaching Lesson 1 in Chapter 3 of Preach my Gospel or PMG. Now working on Lesson 2 and learning to work on the “needs of our investigators”. Man a lot is going on so hard to put it in writing.

The district loved your cinnamon rolls. I got them a couple days ago so we had them for P-day. Also, we loved the mustached! We need another package of them, because we are all going to get our picture with them on! There is 11 guys in our district and we are all really close, (all but three of them are going to Jacksonville). We all arrived at the MTC together and we will leave on June 10. The other three are going to San Antonio, Texas.

Our branch President is President Newsome. He is a pretty cool guy, even though I don’t see much of him. Our teachers are awesome. Their names are Brother Crockett, (and yes, he is related to Davey Crockett. It’s like his great, great, uncle or something) and Brother Chunn. Both are RM’s and back not even a year from their missions.

Elder Calaster was our weekly fireside. He is a member of the 70’s. He gave a really great talk, but I was falling asleep during it sometimes; because I mean… we are studying and working 14 hours a day. I get up earlier than the rest, so I can have extra study, cause I’m on the Lord’s time now, no time to waste!
I liked all of your individual letters to me that was cool.

If anyone wants good mission advice look up Miracle of a Mission by Jeffery R. Holland. It will probably be only on computer, because it was a MTC devotional in 2000. He is my favorite General Authority now. Ha Ha. But what he said, really inspired me! So let all of the YM watch it too, if you can.

Oh, we went to the call center, which is so much fun! The first time I did not have anyone interested in missionary visits. The second time I got 2 out of 5, so that day I was so happy! It was amazing to listen to their testimony, all they need is just the truth of our church, and they would be awesome. But yesterday, I got an anti-Mormon guy who would not shut up. I was so close to Bible bashing with him cause he was like, “There is so many ways to be saved in Christ and the Mormons only say there is one which is blasphemy.” I was so close to saying, “Ephesians 4:5 buddy”. But I held my tongue. Then he said, “The Book of Mormon turns you away from God” LOL (2 Nephi 25:26) but I didn’t say that either. I just bore my testimony to him and then ended the conversation. But he made me so mad. Lol oh well.

They finally opened the gym for PE time; they were putting in a new floor. But yeah, finally played B-ball I was 7-10 for 3 points shots Yeah!!! You know it happens when you have the power of God I guess. LOL

Gosh, it is hard to write a whole week of cool stuff in a letter. We went to the temple and I have seen Spencer! Also, I need my patriarchal blessing, and I think that’s just about it. Time is going by so fast here… it seems like yesterday I was arriving at the MTC! And I don’t mind that you send me a lot of letters while I am here, I like getting them. Getting e-mail set up today as well. So soon, I will mail, but I really don’t mind writing.

Take care of each other. I am sending you my dork dot
Love you always,
Elder Blair (I lost my first name)

PS I need my Gospel Principals Book