Monday, December 27, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #21 Dec. 27, 2010

Hey family & friends,
Well Christmas was super fun this year! In the morning we went to see the Baker family and visited with them and then from there we biked over to Sister Gainey's house; where we had some of the best food ever made! ha ha.

It was super fun and it was really awesome to talk to ya'll on Skype this year! Elder Lewis and I really enjoyed our Christmas presents this year. Sister Gainey surprised me and got me a Utes tie! I also got some awesome shirts and a Utah Utes wristband from some sweet members.
I love it so much out here; this area has become my family! I have met so many awesome people out here on my mission and had such awesome experiences. It has left a huge impression on me, and memories I will treasure for a life time.

Yesterday Elder Lewis and I were sitting in church when one of the youth came in and told us there was “snow” outside. We of course thought he was just pulling our leg so we didn't budge. However after much persisting… we finally went to the doors and looked outside and it was snowing!!! We couldn't believe it!! We just stood there in awe and amazement and then I stuck out my tongue and caught a Florida snowflake! Yeah buddy!! A dream come true for Elder Blair to see some sweet snow in Florida.

And on a side note, we have received our next year’s goals! Our mission goal is 900 baptisms and 80% retention. For 2011 we are trying to focus on keeping our converts solid and active in the church this year!! So Elder Lewis and I will be giving it our all in 2011 and doing our part for the 900 baptisms and 80% retention!!

Well that’s the update from Florida this week. Love ya'll, stay safe and be sure to set some awesome New Year’s goals!!

Love Elder Blair (Who dreamed of a white Christmas and got it…a day late…but enjoyed it anyway!!)