Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #15 June 1 , 2010

Hey, hey everyone! Well obviously, I couldn't write yesterday because the libraries were closed for the Memorial Day holiday, but we made it here today! (FYI I don't know exactly how long I will be on, since it’s Tuesday and not our normal Monday.) I don't know how long all of us will stay at the library.

Well this week was pretty fun. As you know we are working with a couple named Michael and Kaitlin, they’re both really awesome people! We have fallen out of contact with them as of late, so that kind of stinks. However, we should be getting in contact with them again this next week. I will let ya'll know how that goes.

I freaking loved the 1-year mark package!! Really, really awesome!! I laughed so hard...over everything! And when I got to the Oreo’s I was thinking, “Well hey, at least I will get “half” a box of delicious Oreo’s”. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and saw all of Oreo’s in the package! Groovy! Until later,...when I tried one…and well… there was no FROSTING in any of them!! LOL All the Elders in my apartment were upset with that, (ha ha) Yeah they were all bummed out (but it was a smart idea!) I really loved everything, it was so hilarious!! One of the best packages I have received!

I noticed that you didn’t take half of the crunchy peanut butter jar and I’m glad you didn't take half of it cause that helps me with my protein. I’ve not been doing protein drinks with my workouts lately, but I am starting it up. I was doing lots of weight loss shakes, not now though. I’m switching to protein drinks.

I really thought the pictures of everyone holding the Hump Day signs were something else! Don’t know how you got all of those people. Ha-Ha Drew's picture had me in tears!! I thought that was soooo funny!! All of the Elders thought it was awesome! (So yes, all the Elders in my entire District have seen Drew more than half-naked!) Good work Drew! Man!! Ha-ha!! Drew works out for over 3 hours each day?? What the junk! Wow! But yeah, Drew looks really built! Tell him I said he is doing a good job!

This past week there was this ward member trying to get his Eagle Scout project completed and he was doing a blood drive. So when we saw President Newman at mission conference we asked him if we could possibly do that to help support him. President gave us the “go ahead”, and if you donated blood that day, you got a free t-shirt, and a free pint of Brusters Ice Cream, (which is really amazing ice cream!!)

Therefore, we showed up at 3pm (right on time) but we had to wait for the Blood Bus for a little while. Once it finally arrived, we got on first and they asked us if we wanted to do a “regular” donation or “Alyx” donation. The Alyx donation takes twice the amount of red blood cells but shoots fluid replacement back into your plasma, which helps you to avoid feeling tired, or dizzy…I believe... maybe... oh well. So anyway yeah they hooked us up to that special machine and it took sooooo loooooong for one person to donate. It takes about half an hour for one person. At that time, they only had one machine there, but had asked for another one. It took about 45 minutes to get another Alyx machine delivered.

While we were waiting, we were just chillin’ on the blood bus for a good while, talking with members and talking about blood stuff with the Blood drive people. Yeah.... when it finally was my turn I kinda got light headed, but it soon passed. The free shirts look way sick!! (I will send you a picture of one.) So I am pretty happy about that, and the ice cream was really good too!

For p-day yesterday, we just hung out at Jack's house and talked to him. He put in some church movies and we played some games. We also talked to his brother Mike who is not a member, we talked to him for a good while, he seems like a really great guy!

Yeah that was our week! It sounds like everyone at home is doing well, and school is almost out, so I suppose that is some good news! Well looks like it is time for me to head out, I will talk to ya'll on Monday.

Love Elder Blair (who is still laughing over his little bro’s picture!!)