Monday, June 7, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #16 June 7 , 2010

Well here we are another week!
This week was pretty interesting; we went to Jack's house last Monday to watch him wrestle our district leader Elder Trott, which it was surprising that Jack lost! However, Jack wants a re-match (so that might happen today). I don't exactly know what we have planned for today. I know we might play a little soccer later today and we will have to figure out a way to get our laundry done. We are probably going to go eat right after this letter and then I am going to buy some protein stuff. Lol Ah heck ya! I am going to an actual nutrition store to buy the protein because a member works there so I am hoping I might get a decent discount. I don't know what type of protein I will be getting yet; I will talk to the member today and see what he thinks I need.

This past week we got in contact with Michael and Katlin again. We had a super good lesson with them; mainly they just asked lots of questions and we answered them. Then we talked about them getting married. We had a long talk where we discussed the pros, cons, and what that would mean for them. Then after that lesson we left and came back the next day, and Katlin told us that Michael had purposed to her that night after we left! So I am super excited for them! They then came to church on Sunday and loved it!! Gabi (their little one year old) was crying a little bit, so Katlin had to keep taking her out and walking with her around the church. Next week they said that they would be dropping her off in the nursery, so looks like Gabi will be getting some new friends.

Also something kind of crappy happened this week. I am sure you remember Erving (who had his two little girls baptized a few weeks ago) well he has not got them confirmed yet. This week he was going to bring them to church for the confirmation but he called us and told us that he and his wife had got in a little fight and she ran off with the kids. She is staying at one of her sister's, (she has like 8 sisters in Ocala). He called all of them, but none would confess where she was staying. Therefore it looks like this week we will be trying to locate them and trying to get permission from the mother to let us confirm them. I tell ya every week its new challenges as a missionary, but it’s all good.

On Sunday during church, I had to leave with Elder Snow to go to a Catholic church with one of their investigators. Then after that nice little Catholic service; we went back to our church. Later that same night we went out as a district to another church. It's called the Ocala Worship Center. We had heard they would speak in tongues. Man o’ man, I am just so grateful for our church. I am grateful that we have the full truth where people can go and actually feel the spirit and not fake it! It’s humorous when you watch it, but kinda sad to see people being lead away by vain imaginations... some people. Oh well overall I had a decent week.

We finished all of the delivered meals! We loved every minute of the frozen dinner selection celebrating my Hump Day and would certainly not say “no” if more of them just happened to "be delivered" sometime again. Ha-ha!! By the way I loved the camel pillowcase. It’s awesome. And the half-finished letter... ha-ha!! When the package first arrived and after I read that letter I thought, “Oh no, everything in this box will be half of something”... (Cause I always read the letters first). So I can now say with assurance that I will love EVERY package you send ( happens to be filled with Oreo’s that have the filling missing!) Ha-ha!!

I don't think I will need to buy Elder Roger's bike. I have a bike that Elder See gave me before he left the mission. I just have to fix it up a bit and it will run great! So I will be using that bike. I also bought contacts for the summer, I picked them about a month ago. They should work a lot better than the glasses with the high humidity here.

Jack told me about Drew being on x-box, he is really looking forward to playing against him this week! Well it is about that time… for me to get going. I will talk to you next week. Hope all goes well for everyone back home, and send my love to everyone! Hope ya'll have a good week.

Love from “Your favorite Elder”
Elder Blair