Monday, May 24, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #14 May 24 , 2010

Hello fans,
Yep, looks like I am one year older, in being a missionary. My one-year mark was outstanding!! More about that later, but things are going really well in our little part of Florida.

We got to meet Elder Nelson a few days ago (Saturday). It was a really awesome experience! In addition, we had Elder Laurence (a newly called seventy), and Elder Rasband a senior member of the Seventy! As missionaries, we got to go up and shake their hand and say hi to them. Following that, they then gave us some pretty good advice. Elder Anderson who is an area seventy (from this area) talked about “listening and following the spirit.” Then Elder Laurence talked about how to use the ward members more in our missionary efforts. Elder Rasband talked about how our leaders receive their call, and what our calling is as missionaries. Then Elder Nelson spoke about how we need to look for the future leaders of the church in this area, and how the rich need the Gospel as well.

From my perspective, I can see that this mission is going to change a lot of its focus in the future. Because right now we really don't use the ward members as much as we should, and we also stay away from the rich areas of town. However looking at it now, (after the talks) I can see how this will greatly help the work in Florida go forward. The south needs help with their home teaching, they are in the 30% almost every month. Mainly this is due to the fact there are so many less active members that each active home teaching companionship has loads of families they visit. The most I have heard is a companionship having 15 families to see, (can you imagine?) and with that over whelming numbers, it is hard for them to keep up with a high percentage with such a huge commitment like that.

Therefore, that’s why we are going to have to be looking for more of the higher income people that can help support the current members and support the local church in their area. Aside from that, we are working with a family in our area; their names are Michael and Kaitlin. They are a really cool couple, very nice and very receptive. Only struggle with them now is just getting them married. They both want to do it, but just a little nervous to take the step.

My hump day activities were great! We had President interviews that day (I asked President if that was the last interview and he said he does not know), then came back and saw some appointments we had already set up. Then tracted for the rest of the day, then came home and ate some really good food! Thanks I loved the food!!

Another thing… I did get all my packages from everyone for Hump Day! Woot I am happy about that!! Well thanks to each of you for all you do for old Elder Blair. I sure do love your packages!! (and so do a lot of other missionaries!) ha-ha! I think I got the entire Shwan’s delivery truck (loved the chocolate cake, apple pie and lasagna) I have not had a chance to try all of the other meals yet, but I will let ya know how they are. It was pretty funny when he delivered the food cause all the Elders in the District were over at that time and so they all came out and saw him pull up and dump a bunch of food in my hands. lol. Thanks to everyone else for all the awesome goodies, we had an amazing birthday party!! Love ya for remembering your favorite Elder on his special day!

Today for p-day, we may do some boxing at Jack's house or something like that? I don't know if we will be just boxing but maybe some UFC stuff too cause Jack use to be a MMA fighter so we will see what happens. Other than that… get lunch and try to find a way to do laundry as well. We do have some laundry machines in our apartment complex but it cost money so we try to find other alternatives. I miss Ronee cause and she knew we were limited on our funds as missionaries and she always let us do laundry at her house. It was really awesome; we need to find a system like that here in Ocala. I talked to Ronee on my one-year mark, she is a very cool lady! Can’t believe she remembered my hump day!

But alas I must go and get some lunch for my stomach as it is kinda hungry.

Love to everyone
Elder (growl-growl-that was my stomach!) Blair