Monday, June 14, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #17 June 14 , 2010

Howdy everyone!
Well, well, well, another week that just flew by way to fast!

This week started out pretty amazing! We had our Zone Conference on Wednesday (June 9th) that was really good! President Newman was able to say his goodbyes to everyone and everything. He is so wonderful; all of us in the Jacksonville Mission will miss him greatly. We also had a slide show with all of his pictures he had taken while here in the mission over the last 3 years. It was great; there were some really funny stuff, all of them filled with good memories. And oh hey, there was a picture of us at Jason’s baptism, (which was really neat to see that picture pop up). During the conference (in the middle of all that), we received new phones! Oh yeah, they look kinda like a black berry phone (which doesn’t make a lot of sense cause we cannot text or take pictures with it. Since we now have that feature on our new phones; it could seem very tempting at times to use it, ha-ha- NOT!)

However, the real highlight of the entire Zone Conference was the fact we received blessings from President Newman. Each one of us individually. Yeah, one at a time he called us aside, (in a separate room) and gave us blessings of comfort and peace. lt was an extremely spiritual moment for all of us. Everyone also got the opportunity to write in President Newman’s personal mission journal.

The rest of the week went pretty quick after that. I do have an update with Michael and Katlin. They are getting married on June 19th!! Woot!! (doing the happy dance). I am super excited about that, and then they will be baptized on June 20th!! Therefore, we have a pretty great looking week coming up this week as well. I am really stoked; I just pray that all will go according to plan.

Oh, yes another thing: transfer calls will be coming on the 19th as well. I am actually looking forward to that; I want to be transferred actually. I have been in this bike area for 4 1/2 months (it seems I serve in each area 4 1/2 months and then I am transferred. At least that has been my track record thus far). Each time I have stayed in an area about that long before being transferred. And truthfully I don't really want to be on bike for the whole summer. However, we will see what will happen this coming Saturday. I will happily do whatever the Lord requires of me, so if I stay here- I stay here. If I am called to bike all summer, I will bike all summer gladly. If their is anyone thinking of mailing a letter or care package to their favorite Florida Elder just as a friendly reminder… if you send it before Thursday this week, I should still get it well before transfers. Because, we will only get the phone call this Saturday but will not actually move until next Thursday (June 24th). So this coming Saturday I just find out “IF” I am leaving. So don’t talk yourself out of sending those letters and package this week! Ha-ha!!

I am pretty excited for this p-day today. We have some fun things planned. We are heading out to Jacksonville to go play laser tag with a bunch of missionaries! Elder “amazing” Rogers is going to be there, as well as tall “awesome” Porter (my last companion before this one that I have…I know it is confusing with 2 Porters…try to follow along… hehehe) So I will be heading up to Jacksonville with the Spanish Elders in Ocala, along with some of the young men from our ward! I will probably be leaving soon, because I am in the Family History Center at the church, so when they open I will have to leave so the people coming to do Family History can use the computers.

I think that is all of the big news for now. By the way the Elders in Apartment #56 loved the Oreo cookies!! That was really awesome! We each received our own individual package!! (You have totally redeemed yourself mom, good work! Ha-ha) Also, we received the Who’s your Hero Posters…Wow Sweet!! Elder Porter & I hung them up all over our bedroom ceiling!

I have to get running, I have got stuff to do before we leave and head up to Jacksonville (which is soon).

Love ya, tell everyone I say howdy!
Love Elder Blair (Who will win one round of laser tag for the home team in Utah!!)