Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #18 June 21 , 2010

Hello to my fans back home!
Well, this week was good! We had Michael and Katlin meet with the Bishop on Tuesday, which was good for each of them. They had a nice visit. However, we had to push Michael and Katlin's wedding (and baptism) back to the 29th and 30th of this month, to give them more time. Michael wants to pay for the marriage license himself, so he is waiting to be paid. They are still doing well, and they came to church again this Sunday (and loved it once more).

We are also working with a couple of less actives in our ward area. None of them has been coming to our Tuesday night BOM classes. One can't quite come out yet because of work. She works on Sundays too, but now is planning to get Sunday’s off (so she can come to church).

As for transfers, Little Porter is leaving and I am staying in Ocala. So at the end of this transfer I will be here 6 months... wow. That will be the longest I have stayed in any area since I have been out. I did receive some interesting news today from President Newman….you better sit down for this one… I am pregnant...Yep; I will be training this transfer again. I will be receiving a new greenie this Thursday. So I will be a new father again (that’s “missionary talk”) so here goes nothing eh? I will do my best to help him adjust to missionary life.

Oh and I loved the box of Disney stuff! Surprisingly the chocolates were not “super” melted and they were super good! I think the best part of the box was the pictures at Disney or perhaps the Thor and Namor action figures!! Tell Drew he picked out a good super hero for me! I don't have sub mariner guy so that was cool! I liked the super long letter, it was a great letter, I enjoyed it. I loved the Goofy shirt a lot. I am actually wearing it today for p-day! From the pictures, Abbie looks to be getting super tall!! Moreover, I totally loved hearing all about Disney and all the new rides and changes. I would have loved to be there when she found out she got “fun napped”. Well maybe the New President will do some fun napping to us as missionaries and take us all to Disneyworld for a week!! Heck ya! That would be fun! I cannot wait to see what Disney does with marvel comics now that they own them! I want to go to Disney World and take a picture with Thor, Mickey Mouse, Spider Man, and Donald Duck (all at once!!) That would be something!

Well, that is pretty much my week. Really, nothing super exciting happened. Well... I do have one funny story to share. I captured a snake and put it in another Elder's laundry bag, and then put it on his bed! (Ha ha) Super funny!! Don’t worry we made sure it was not a deadly snake, just a big one. Ha-ha Here’s what happened: My companion and I (along with the Spanish Elders) saw this snake coming down the tree in our back yard. Right then and there, we decided we should catch it! Therefore, we waited for it to come down the tree, then when it was almost there we ran outside with golf clubs and knocked it off the tree and onto the ground. Then we held it down with the golf clubs (now we didn't know if it was poisonous or not) but we caught it anyway and flipped it up into this blue box. After we snatched it, we were awfully proud of ourselves!! Then what happened is total history. As I said, we put it on the elder’s bed, via his laundry bag. Then when he came home, he found it and he flipped out. He then chucked it into my room and closed the door (but little did he know that snakes could get out of places easily). Well it slithered under my door (while I was gone) and went down stairs. When we came home, (to my surprise) we found it there! Therefore, I caught it once more (all by myself) and after another epic battle, I put it into the blue box (again). It was pretty fun!

But hey, I got five minutes left on this computer so either I will have to try to get on another one, or I will just email you again next week.
Hope all is well out in Utah!
You’re mischievous Elder,
Elder Blair