Monday, February 1, 2010

Lake City, FL Letter #16 Feb.1, 2010

Hello family and friends

This week was pretty sweet! We did some more bike tracting, but I don't mind that so much. Ha-ha except for this past week Elder Taft was chased by a big ol’ sheep dog. Looking back at it, it was pretty funny. Here is what happened: We (meaning two amazingly good looking Elders) biked up to this house, and immediately there are two dogs that come running for us. However, we ignored them and we kept biking. At this point, they left us alone. We rang the doorbell and the dogs just stayed back but they kept barking at us. No one was there so we turn around to leave and one of the dogs takes off. This dog goes after Elder Taft, (cause I was in the lead for once). The dog kept trying to bite his ankle, and just as the dog was about to score an ankle bite on Taft, Elder Taft tried to kick the dog away and right about then the dog thought the bite would not be worth getting a kick in the face so it turned and went away. Elder Taft was not bit, but it was close. Pretty funny stuff though!

We also went to see an investigator named Fred. I mentioned last week that he was a truck driver and came to church last week just from a message we left him on a card. Anyway, he is a sweet guy. He talked to us about how much he loved going to church, and he told us how much love he had felt there. Then we talked to him about Joseph Smith. As we were leaving (it was a Tuesday night) he asked, “If he could call us anytime?” We said, “Sure”, cause for his job he travels to a variety of different states. He said that when he is driving he would like to call us. He also asked if we could pray for him when he is on the road. The last thing he wanted to know is if he could call us his brothers. We said sure!

Then we saw him again later in the week and I knew I wanted Fred to focus on his feelings that he has had since he has been coming out to church, and also as we have been teaching him. So I asked him to describe his feelings. And he summed it all up by saying he felt a lot of love. Then we turned to Galatians (where it speaks about the fruit of the spirit, and one of the fruits of the spirit is love), and then we told him that was the Spirit testifying to him that what he was being taught was true. Then we committed him to be baptized this next weekend, and he said yes. So that was a sweet little miracle that happened this week with Elder Taft & me.

Now for p-day last week we were at our ward mission leader’s house and his wife let us go drive around with his golf cart. Fun times, because his golf cart was one with giant wheels, so we took it “off roading” on his property. Which was sweet!

We also called the Mission office about Able's book of Mormon and they said it should be here in like 5 days, sweet action!! Can’t wait to hand him that Book of Mormon!

Zone Conference is coming up, I think of February 9th, or about then. It’s always fun to see everyone at ZC and hear their stories and what has been happening to everyone. Then transfers are coming the week after Valentine’s Day. So if anyone is sending Valentine cards to their “Favorite” Elder he will still be living at 685 SW Amberwood Loop Rd. #103 Lake City Florida 32025 until around February 18th (or longer if I don’t get transferred this time) so feel free to send mail if your “heart” tells you too! Ha-ha!!

And everyone back home I am rooting for the Colts in the super bowl this next weekend! Tomorrow is ground hogs day according to my calendar and I am thinking that the furry little critter should hopefully not see his shadow, who wants 6 more weeks of this type of weather in Florida? At least the cold has left Florida now and now it’s just officially chilly.

I also need to keep trying to find myself an alligator; I have no idea if I ever will though. I have tried to see them, but failed so far. So I think that is the main events of this week in a nutshell. Sweet “talking” to ya, but well I gotta run. I am a bit hungry and so lunch is calling my name. The Mexican buffet last p-day was amazing, this week we are going to Wendy’s. Not too original, but oh well. I’ll talk to everyone again next week!

Talk to you later.
Elder (still not been bitten!! Woot!!) Blair