Monday, February 8, 2010

Lake City, FL Letter #17 Feb.8, 2010

Hello family and friends

Well, let’s catch you up on the Florida happenings in Lake City this past week. Our new investigator Fred did not make the baptismal font this week, unfortunately his work kept him up in Alabama all week through the weekend. Elder Taft & I will be sure to meet with him this week and re schedule his baptismal date. More on that next week after I have some dates.

And sadly still no book of Mormon for Able, we are still waiting for it to arrive. We did talk to him on Sunday though and taught him a little bit more. After we had visited and talked for a while following the lesson we referred him to the LDS church website. He was really excited and looked it up immediately. When he got there and looked at it, he saw a clip from a talk given by President Monson. Able totally loved listening to that clip. I mean he totally enjoyed it; he was sitting there almost in awe! The talk was about how to help people in the world. President Monson’s Mormon message; “Have I Cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad, if not I have failed in deed”. Able thought that was so nice and something everyone should think about. It really touched him. We also talked to him more about the Book of Mormon. We told him we should for sure get his book by this Tuesday. He wants to read it so bad.

So our miracle this week was Able he just listens so well, and he loves to study! He said that most people just read the bible (like maybe a chapter or two) and call it good. He pointed out that they don't study it. He said that if something does not make sense to him in the bible he keeps studying until it does make sense. He really just eats it up! Able is not very tall; he is taller than me though. He has a mustache and has a wife and a young kid who is 2 years old.

And yeah I heard the Saints won the Super Bowl. That was too bad, (unless you’re a Saints fan) but oh well, and I heard you guys got dumped on with snow "big time" up there in Utah!

Funny story- The “MAMA” monthly CD company I want you to know (lol) that I thought that was a real company that you singed me up for, until I read the package and it said our Ranch Road address on this last one I received! Ha-ha!! Every month I received a CD and a cover letter, with a different CD selection. I thought there really was an LDS based CD club called MAMA and that it actually stood for Missionary Appropriate Mama Approved music!! HA-HA-HA!!

Yeah, but the last CD’s I received for January were good because right now all we can listen to is Motab. Lol. President Newman wants us just to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir because too many Elders are being too lax with what they listened too. So for right now only Motab CD’s until we hear more from President. I believe he will explain himself at zone conference, as far as instrumental hymns etc types of CD’s.

In other news, we do have zone conference this week so that is a bonus! We tracted in the rain again this past week but it was not raining too badly; so we were fine. We are going into the “rainy season” in Florida now I guess. We also met some, "interesting" people this last week while out tracting. We will see where that goes, this next week. And so far, our mission is doing really well with the mission goal, and we are doing pretty well with less actives as well. Some great news is that Debbie and Jason want to come up to Lake City they are trying to make it here by Sunday! I will need to get directions for them though, so they don’t get lost. Yeah that’s another thing I think my GPS is broken. It won't load maps anymore, so I am letting it rest and then I will try and reboot it. Hopefully it should kick back on.

So really I guess that is the update for this week, anyways that’s all from me. I have to get going now; we are going to play soccer with our district this afternoon. I hate soccer but it is not always, about what I want…Ha-ha.

Thanks for the letters and Valentine cards, I sure love getting letters!

Have a great day, take care everyone!
Love, (playing soccer with a smile)
Elder Blair