Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lake City, FL Letter #18 Feb.16, 2010

Hey family & friends!

Happy Monday (a day late ha-ha!!) This week was crazy! We had a blast there was a festival in Lake City, called the Olustee festival. Check it out!

It was the one battle the southerners won in Florida, so they have this big re-enactment. There’s all of these old southern dudes walking around strutting their stuff. Our ward had a both set up there called “The Elephant Ear booth.” Elephant ears are fried Indian bread, with brown sugar on top of it. It is kinda like a giant churro, (at least that is what it tasted like, the look was totally different) but way, Way WAY good!!

We northern boys, of course made fun of the ward members celebrating the one battle they won… in the war, they lost. Ha-ha! We were like "How prideful is that! Celebrating a battle you guys won; in a war you lost against the country God inspired?" lol They would just shake their heads at us and mutter something about “Yankees”. Ha-Ha!! So that was a super fun thing this week that we got to do!

Holy cow it got way cold and extremely rainy this last week. Also, this week we went on a trade off with a member named Brother Lea, who is a sweet, sweet guy. We went to an inactive member’s house and was trying to get them to come back to church. We were not successful this week, but we will keep trying! Elder Blair never gives up on ya!

A small miracle happened on Sunday (after we ran over to Fred’s house and woke up him up for church...and got him to come) I was standing in my normal spot looking for investigators to come in, so I could greet them. When I turned around and saw two less active members come walking in, (we have been working with them for a couple of weeks). It was very, very cool because from our last few visits with them it did not seem that they were even going to make it to church at all! And there they were; and they did make it so that is way cool. A sweet little Lake City miracle for sure, for sure!

The other thing that is happening is that I am being transferred and so is Elder Taylor in my apartment. Elder Taft is not being transferred he is staying in Lake City. President Newman hinted in my interview that I would be. He was like “Elder I can see you sometime in the future being an urban Elder." But then I said to President, “But president I love the country and the people here”. Then in his wise all knowing president voice; he says "Well that’s the great thing about you Elder Blair is that you can love anyone or anything! And another thing is that you’re very flexible. I could send you to city, country or even campus!" So I don't know where I am going probably city I am guessing though. Dang! Lol I don’t know if I will be called to train again. Just cause I have trained once doesn’t mean I will always train, only if President Newman calls me to train again will I be a trainer.

I still keep in touch with Jason and Debbie. They are doing pretty good. I will have to call them Thursday and let them know where I am transferred. Oh and we got Able's book of Mormon, so that was wonderful to hand that to him! And one more piece of good news; Fred is hopefully getting baptized tomorrow. He is being interviewed tonight! Woot!

Oh hey, Elder Bowen called me this last week. He has not had a chance to leave school yet to come see you guys but when he has some free time he says he will make the trip down to Utah. Yesterday was Elder See’s birthday so I called him and talked to him on his birthday!

Is Abbie getting excited to be baptized? That’s sweet Drew’s first baptism, will be his little sister! And I want to know if he is nervous or not yet? Tell him to write me and tell me all about how he felt and what it was like for sure; after the baptism.

But I gotta get going, got people to see. So I will talk to you next week Tell everyone that I love them! Thanks for the Valentine cards and packages, all the Elders in my apartment loved the candy bar game it was great, we had fun figuring out all the riddles!

Love the wandering Florida nomad, Elder Blair