Monday, January 25, 2010

Lake City, FL Letter #15 Jan.25, 2010

Hello family and friends,

Elder Blair reporting in for the week! So this week was a really great week! We have started to take our bikes with our car; to the areas, we want to tract in, that way we ride bikes through the neighborhood, so we can get to each door faster! It’s a great system.
We have already re-tracted a lot of places in our area, but I don't mind it. I love staying in an area for a long time, that way you get to know the people better and have an opportunity to work with them longer. Taft and I are having a blast! I have learned so much in these last couple of transfers about being a senior companion.

Man last Thursday was horrible; it was raining so hard - it was like a Noah rain. I am not kidding, it was bad. We knocked on doors for as long as we could, then we went around and tried to see some less active members until the rain stopped. At one point we had to hide from the rain in a ice cream shop that is owned by a member, but it turned out great because we got free ice cream!! Ha-Ha

Sunday was awesome! We had a sweet miracle. It was after PEC meeting and we got a phone call on our cell phone from a number that we did not recognize. The person on the other end said, “That he would like to come to our church service” and he asked what time it started, and where the building was located, then he hung up. I didn't even get his name. I thought it was either a non-member or a less active member. When it came time for sacrament meeting to start, in walks an older investigator named Fred. Elder Taft & I were pretty shocked to see him walking in the building. Fred said he loved church.

Here is what happened with Fred. We met him once and couldn't get with him for another appointment, cause he was never home. So we just left a note on his door saying, “This is the missionaries we would love to meet with you. Please give us a call, love Elders Blair & Taft.” Fred said that on Sundays he usually goes to Jacksonville and gets donuts every Sunday morning. But this week he looked at the card we gave him, and it said, “Love Elders Blair & Taft” and because it said “love”, that is why he decided to come to church and not go into Jacksonville that morning. All because of one small word, he wanted to hear more. Sweet miracle!

And also, this past week we have had three less active members reactivated! Such a wonderful and great week. So that was my week in a nutshell. The weather is getting a lot warmer, which is pretty sweet!!

And mom your caramels you sent were really good, but Sister Bruce’s were a lot easier to get out of the paper. So maybe you should make another batch and send me some more to try, that way I can really keep testing them for you until they are perfect! Ha-ha!!

Oh another thing; the south is changing me. I find myself sayin ya'll and I have caught myself saying fixen, so I will do my best to get these words out of my vocabulary LOL!! Well, I really gotta go. We are heading out to treat ourselves to some lunch at a local Mexican buffet, heck yes!!!

Love you guys!!!
Love Elder Blair (the Irish boy with a southern drawl)

PS I am going to write Alex and Weston today, I am pumped that they are talking about a mission now! More great missionaries coming out from our Ward!! Woot!!