Monday, February 22, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #1 Feb. 22, 2010

Hey there family, friends and fans,

Well as you know, I was transferred last week. I am now in a city area called Ocala, so my guess of “going city” was correct. Ha-ha! My new address is 2215 SE 14th Ave. #56 Ocala, FL. 34471.

In addition, I am now in a total biking area. Therefore, as you could guess I have been biking my “guts out” since I was transferred; (which is all right, I don't mind it too much). Sort of a change from the car/bike combo areas I have been in the past. Right now, I am at a library so I don't know how long I will have to write- I have 15 minutes on my timer but I might be able to keep signing in. So if this letter is shorter than normal then…sorry guess I couldn’t keep signing back in to write more letters to ya’ll. The ward here is pretty sweet! My new ward is called the Ocala first ward. So far, everyone I have met seem like super nice people. I did notice that there are alot of older members in this area though, (oh well).

My new companion’s name is Elder Rogers from Arizona. He is a well-seasoned missionary. Elder Rogers has been out for 20 months! (Wow!!) Therefore, he will be going home soon. I am excited to serve with him because I know I will learn a lot from him. In addition, this apartment is a bit better then my last one, (by that, I mean a little bit nicer accommodations).

We have four elders in this apartment (just like my last apartment in Lake City). There is me (of course ha-ha) and my companion (Elder Rogers) then Elder Porter and Elder Crowther. Now get this: In our apartment, we have a giant ping-pong table that takes up most of the room (ha-ha) but that’s fine with me! Woot! Guess Elder Blair will be learning to become a ping-ponging champion (or a good loser) in his down time!

Sadly, Fred was not baptized last week. Elder Taft and I really tried because Fred wants to be baptized so much! It is just that his line of work is keeping him from coming home (since he is a truck driver). Therefore, it is hard to get a hold of him and get things scheduled. Lake City is really ready to explode though. Good things are happening there and it’s only going to get better and better!

Other news Elder See is not in my district, but he is in my Zone so that’s neat! He is in a 3 man in Cheifland. Which I hear is a very pretty “country” area. I talked to Elder See on transfer day and he couldn’t believe that you remembered his birthday! He loved his birthday gift. Also my GPS is still not working, but I can't really use it in a bike area at the moment. So I will keep working with it and see if I can't fix it.

In the apartment that I live in now; are a bunch of computer game playing Elders, (oh yeah!!!) We talk about Warcraft all the time and our district leader played it until he came out on his mission. They have a Warcraft Board game that we all play called “Warcraft miniatures”. It’s pretty fun. We all talk about the new races in Warcraft and everything like that, just some fun stuff to do in our down time.

So yeah, things are looking good here! I might be going to the Orlando Temple this weekend as well. So that will be sweet! And we should have a baptism this weekend as well. I think her name is Kathy. More about all of that next week.

But yeah I’m still trying to get my surroundings and directions figured out, but having fun nonetheless. For P-day (today) we are going to go eat, go shop, then play soccer or basketball, then eat again, (ha-ha!!) and yeah… lol that’s pretty much it! Good times, good times!

By the way the south has now got me saying “dadgum”, “fixin” and “ya'll”. Man it’s getting bad! LOL Well I gotta get going, tell everyone I am always thinking of them, I love my Utah fan club!! Ha-ha!!

Love Elder Biking Blair!