Monday, December 13, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #19 Dec. 13, 2010

Hey, hey, hey ya'll back home!

This last week has been really fun! Last Tuesday, was a super awesome day! All the missionaries got to attend transfer meeting even if they were not being transferred. So we went into Jacksonville where we were able to see all of the departing missionaries and say a few goodbyes. We also had a chance to hear each of the missionaries (who were going home) bare their testimony, (during transfer meeting) which was very impacting. It was nice because we got to say goodbye and take a few pictures one last time. In addition, I also got to see Elder Day there as well! He has now been transferred to Orange Park where he is Senior Companion! Oh yeah, my little boy is growing up so fast! Ha-ha!! I am a proud dad! And even better news- this coming week I will see him again for a few hours, because we are all getting together (the entire mission) for the Christmas Devotional on the 16th! So I am super stoked for that!

This past week we had the opportunity to go caroling with some members to some part members and less active members’ homes. It was great, we also gave them a tray of goodies and homemade treats! That was super fun! We went with Bishop and his family, and then The Canova's (and several other ward families). The Christmas caroling song book came in handy that you sent-Ha-ha! And then on Saturday we had the Ward Christmas Party!! Which was super fun!! Man there was so much food there!! We had a blast and Elder Lewis & I also used that as a “finding opportunity” because we had a less active family show up, and two investigators show up as well! That makes for a great party if you’re a full time missionary!!

This week Elder Lewis & I went and visited a referral that the Bishop gave us of a part member family. The mom is less active, but she has three kids that are not members (one of them is a really close friend with the Bishops daughter). She wants to take the lessons, and she also showed up to church this Sunday as well! So I am super stoked! Looks like we might be having her lessons at the Bishop's house (or their house) either way - we don't mind! She is super sweet girl and I think she is ready. So if all goes well (and I don't want to jinx it), we may be having a "White” Christmas! Last year I wanted a “white” Christmas (missionary style) and well we didn't get it … so we will see what happens this year! Would be so cool to have a baptism for Christmas!!

Things are just going really, really well here and I am so happy to be here in Starke for six more weeks! Super fun times! And by the way guys, I noticed those “Bronco chips” were really Boise State Bronco chips not my Denver Bronco’s (but I’m not complaining because they tasted good). Ha- ha! Thanks to ya’ll for the letters and the packages, it is always fun to get stuff like that!! I am really glad to hear that Abbie hopes Santa comes my way…and leaves me some toys this year, cause I would much rather have toys than ties and shirts…So that is a good thing! Ha-ha!! Elder Lewis and I are sure having fun with our countdown to Christmas gifts each day!

Ok, well I gotta run, so I better get going. Well love ya'll and I will be talking to everyone soon!
Elder Blair (who is dreaming of a “white” Christmas…missionary style!!)