Monday, December 20, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #20 Dec. 20, 2010

Well fans of Elder Blair…

This week was... once again…. Absolutely….Amazing!!
We had so much fun stuff happening this last week, I won’t even try to write it all down, but here are a few highlights! First Elder Lewis & I made totally sweet Christmas cards and started passing them out to people we knew!! Also this week we decided to save on miles on the car, so committed to walking everywhere for a whole week. Yep, we walked everywhere! It honestly was super exciting to walk everywhere we needed to go. And as we walked, we talked with everyone that we met. We talked about the gospel, our Savior and talked about! is really such a sweet way to share the Gospel.

In addition, to all the other wonderful happenings this last week…(Better, sit down for this one…) This year Elder Lewis and I sang in the church choir for Christmas!! Yeah yours truly joined the ward choir and sang in the Christmas Program. Elder Lewis sang too…even though he doesn’t like Christmas music. Ha-ha, it was a way, way sweet Sacrament meeting! We sang tons and tons of songs!! This then in turn…put me over the top and super in the mood for Christmas!! I loved it!!

Then last week we also had the Christmas Zone Conference where I got to see Elder Day again and Elder Bass along with all of my mission friends!! I really loved all the letters from everyone, it was super sweet to hear from ya’ll! Be sure to tell everyone that Elder Blair was totally surprised to have so many Christmas letters to read during our Christmas Zone Conference!! During the Zone Conference, I saw so many people that I don't even know. Our mission has tons and tons of new missionaries coming in now. It was weird to have so many now that I don’t even know… it was crazy! It was as always-super fun and we had awesome food! It’s always good times when a bunch of missionaries all get together to celebrate anything!!

I can't wait for Christmas day!! Elder Lewis & I are planning on going to Sister Gainey's house this Christmas!! Man I am so excited!! Christmas Day can’t arrive soon enough; we are looking forward to Saturday and hoping that Santa can find his way to the back woods of Starke to visit Elders Lewis and Blair.

Well I should be talking to ya’ll soon… just 5 more days…according to the calendar on the wall! Until then peeps...dream of candy canes and reindeer!!I gotta get running, talk to you soon!

Well tons of love from
Elder Blair (Who really did sing in the Christmas choir...cross my heart…lol!!)