Monday, November 8, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #14 Nov. 8, 2010

Well hello world!

This is your favorite elder checking in for the week! I suppose I am an old man now, the big 21 hits today!! Ha ha! Man things sure cooled down here in Florida this week. I woke up one morning to 39 degrees, so needless to say I pulled the sweaters back out! I love Florida winters, but I do miss the Utah snow... I hear you guys will be getting some snow this week. Lucky you!! I can’t wait to get home, build a big ol’ snowman with Abbie, and get out my snowboard! Dang it, I sure miss the snow!

Things here are awesome!! Sister Gainey is going to the temple this coming weekend with her family to be sealed to her mom! We also picked up an awesome new investigator, from a part member family. His name is Joey. We stopped by their house this week and talked for a while with them. After awhile he asked us, "So when am I ready; or good enough to start taking the lessons?" I looked at him and said “Well you look good now!” Therefore, we have two appointments this week scheduled with them! Elder Lewis and I are super excited!!

The Ward here is really doing well; they have been bringing a lot of less actives back to church. In addition, they are out sharing their testimonies with others! I am so happy for them! We also did a lot of service this week for members and less actives and even investigators. One person we helped this past week was Sister Cole who is super awesome; but less active. What we did to help her as a service was cleaning out her garage. Then for a family named the Trailers (who are freaking awesome and cook way- way good food) but that alone is not what makes them awesome, they just are awesome all the way around ha-ha!! So we helped them with some service this past week. Another service was for a non-member named Steve, he is a 76-year-old man. Steve has been trying to renovate his house, so Elder Lewis and I go and provide the muscle he needs to be able to finish the work.

A bit of sad news, my trip to Ocala got scrubbed. We are planning on going another week, just don't know when yet. It was postponed because there is a leadership meeting on Tuesday this week. Our zone leader didn't want us to go to Ocala today and then hurry back later today in time to get ready for the meeting. I was going with our Zone leader and since he had to be at the leadership meeting tomorrow in Jacksonville, it would be too much for today. I was released this last transfer as a DL so therefore I don’t have to worry about going to the leadership meeting this transfer. So our Ocala trip may be next week or sometime in the next several weeks; I am not sure. Therefore, I am probably going to have a lazy P-day…just kick back and relax... go shopping and do the normal Monday p-day routine.

Thanks for all the birthday cards and gifts! Elder Lewis was pretty jealous! Ha-ha! I really loved everything. I loved all of it and we will be sure to put everything to good use! you can trust Elders Blair, & Lewis to make sure everything gets enjoyed to the fullest!! Ha-ha!! I thought the watch was really cool, I really loved it. I got a kick out of what it said on the backside of the clock face, “made with peace and love” and the outside of the box said “it's your lucky day!” lol cool!

Glad to hear Elder Day wrote you guys, I sure love that kid! He is an awesome missionary! Well I had better get going and get a couple of things done today…like shopping and laundry ha-ha!! Anyway thanks to everyone for the great birthday and be sure to let everyone know I love them!

from “the old man -but still totally awesome”…Elder Blair