Monday, November 29, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #17 Nov. 29, 2010

Hey family,

Things this week went pretty well, although the week seemed kinda slow being a holiday week. Elder Lewis & I had a really good Thanksgiving at sister Gainey's house! I stuffed myself so, so, so much! And then we fell asleep at her house... yep a good old Thanksgiving nap (best thing ever). After that we went back to our house and then later the Barber's brought us over to their house for desert! I had about 3 helpings of that (and then I felt like I was about to puke so I stopped...ha-ha).

Also this week we met a less active member named Ron who is a pretty sweet guy. Ron got in a huge motorcycle crash several years ago so bad that he almost died (three times) but I suppose God is not finished with Mister Ron cause he is still around and kicking!

Things have also been slow this week because we have been having to bike everywhere in our huge area! It takes us a long time to get somewhere, we had been doing our best to save miles but alas we have still gone over. which really stinks! However I guess if I get transferred to a bike area that will be ok with me, I suppose. Transfers are the 8th of December so keep that in mind when sending letters this next little while. I am not sure if I will be transferred this time or not. I really love Starke, so I wouldn’t mind staying.

Man it has been getting cold here lately! Our early mornings (and at night) it’s just downright chilly! There is actual frost is on the ground outside and I can see my breath. Still amazes me that I am in Florida the so called “sun shine” state! Hey but I need to get going my time is up here at the library. Tell everyone hello for me and that I think of them often out here in Florida. And anyways that is my Florida update for the week. so yeah, love ya'll bye!

The Elder with the frozen toes…
Elder Blair