Monday, November 22, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #16 Nov. 22, 2010

Well People ... Hi again!
Things this week went amazing! First things first; we had a baptism!! Glenn is his name; he was never baptized because of his living situation. He is renting out a room from a member of the church who is a female so therefore he never was baptized…that is until now. Brother Beckom stopped by their house and met with Glenn personally. Glenn told him that he did not understand why he could not be baptized and neither did Brother Beckom. Then Brother Beckom called us Monday night and told us to check on Glenn's situation. I figured “here we go again.” Glenn has had so many baptismal dates for the past two years that it is not even funny. Nevertheless, we stopped by and I told Glenn that ultimately the choice was not up to me. I let him know that we would have to get the ok from President Barry. Well... I will be honest…I didn't think Glenn should be baptized because I didn't feel that he was ready to make the promise between him and God. President told me to have Bishop Barber call him and let him speak to him about the situation. Therefore, we did. Then on Wednesday Bishop Barber called President Barry and then President called me and told me to baptize Glenn...I was like what?? You serious? Um ok?

The next day we went to Glenn's house and told him the news. I said “Glenn in the case of your baptism President talked to me and in this case he is making an exception and you can be baptized." After hearing that, Glenn jumped up and was so excited that he started calling people he knew in the church and telling them about his baptism! He was so stoked that he wanted to be baptized on Saturday! Right then the Spirit hit me and told me that Glenn was more than ready to be baptized. I felt somewhat silly at that point that I ever thought otherwise... So we got him all interviewed and Saturday was his baptism! On Sunday he was confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Pretty Crazy huh? By the way, the cakes you sent me mom, came in super handy!! Since Glenn's Baptism was so short notice, I didn't think anyone would make treats so I baked two cakes for his special day and they turned out super good!! Go Chef Blair!

November has been a very busy month hasn’t it? Wow and this next week is Thanksgiving!! I am so excited! Elder Lewis & I are going to Sister Gainey's house for Thanksgiving and unfortunately, we are going to be biking to her house (because well we are pretty much out of miles). So we have a 40 min bike ride up to her house and 40 min bike back... well at least I will get to work off all the food that I eat! Ha ha.

Thanks to everyone for all the packages you sent. I really loved the boxes for my Jump Day and the birthday cards from the Primary Children!! Also if possible thank Sister Merrill Jenkins; she sent me a letter and I am going to try to write back today if I have time. President Barry just wants us to be on pc's no more than an hour, so yeah that is just a heads up. I may be keeping my letters on the short side going forward.

For P-day today ummm let’s see…I am playing some soccer and Frisbee with the youth (since they are out of school for this whole week). Well I send my love to everyone back home, and stay warm!! Have a very Happy thanksgiving! And ya'll stay safe.

Love Elder Blair (A little more humble this week…)