Monday, November 1, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #13 Nov. 1, 2010

Hello family, friends and fans!

First things first! You are all awesome!! I am pretty spoiled as a missionary… getting packages all the time (ha ha it’s super awesome!!).

This week was so much fun, On Wednesday we had a great youth activity at the ward. It was about holding fast to the iron rod and illustrating the importance of making a correct choice and then holding firm to that choice. We started out with each of the youth being blindfolded. We then sent them on a on a path, telling them to hold firm to the iron rod (a rope was representing the iron rod). While they were holding onto the rope, their parents acted as the Holy Ghost by whispering in their ear what to do.

All the rest of us were voices from the “world” trying to tempt them to let go and come have some fun and not to listen to the Holy Ghost. At one point, I grabbed a one-dollar bill out of my pocket and was telling them if they would let go I would give it to them! A few of the youth reached out and felt the money and I will say a lot were tempted once they felt it was real money! They were tempted to let go at that point, but they all held on strong! Good job for them!! Several non-members showed up to the activity and also many less active families (which we will now be stopping in to see this week)!!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween, can’t wait to hear all about it. The trunk or treat party was awesome!! Elder Lewis and I got to judge everyone’s “trunks” and homemade pies, costumes and carved pumpkins! It was such a blast!! I even made a “trunk” for the Halloween party!! For our trunk and we put spider web everywhere and dressed up a stuffed man and put him in our trunk, and then for a final touch we put some skeleton dude in our car as well! It looked pretty awesome! I also went out, bought Halloween face paint kit and painted my face as a zombie!! (Elder Lewis dressed up like a Mormon missionary). Super fun!! In addition, many less active and non-members came to that event as well. So great member and full time missionary efforts last week.

Saturday was the trick or treat day for Starke, no one went out on Sunday. Saturday we went out on a hayride latter that night with some non-members and some members. I can now “officially” say I have been trick or treating in the South!! John and Jacob, (some non-members that we have been working with) along with their friend Hyrum (who is a member) coaxed me into putting my clown mask on and going up to a door with them and I did. I got me some butterfingers!! Heck ya!! Lol it was really fun.

We had a very eventful week and we are pumped up for the new week and the new transfer!! You asked if I was picking up any Spanish? No, I have not picked up too much Spanish. I know a little; enough to ask if they want Spanish missionaries to teach them but that’s about it. Next Monday I will be going to Ocala to spend the day with some recent converts (Michael, Kaitlin, Jack just to name a few) and they will be helping me celebrate my big 21st birthday. Were leaving early, but I will try to write everyone from the Ocala library if possible. I am really looking forward to next Monday and P-day!!

Well Peace and Love From
Elder Blair (still young at heart)