Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #12 Oct. 25, 2010

Hello from Florida!!
Well everyone this past week has been pretty slow actually. I will give ya'll the highlights though. Ok highlight number one: I am not being transferred so that is very cool!! I am super excited to stay in Starke. We have a lot of things lined up here, so I was really looking forward to staying this transfer. Highlight number two: I am going to be companions with Elder Lewis again!! We are both staying right where we are. Highlight number three: Sister Gainey's little girl Katlin was baptized this past Sunday and Elder Tate got to come down and see the baptism!! Very sweet weekend, very cool. Next highlight, I was in Lake Butler this week (the missionaries there needed me to interview one of their investigators for baptism) and we were driving down the road when all of a sudden, there was this Giant (I mean GIANT) Cow!! It was so huge that is all we could see was cow, and more cow. It was heading right for us on the other side of the road. Seriously, all you could see was a whole lotta’ beef heading our way. It was as big as a house and this little tiny, tiny truck was pulling it!! So crazy! Only in the South would that happen!

Oh and one thing that I forgot to mention that happened last week, Elder Lewis got high! Yep, yep true story, I was there. Here is how it happened. We were at a teaching appointment and there were several other people there smoking. I assumed it was cigarettes that they were smoking, I was wrong ha-ha!. After we left the appointment, Elder Lewis turned to me and said “Elder I don't feel normal, I feel like I am high or something”. Then Elder Lewis just started laughing and laughing and wouldn't stop. Our next appointment was the with Bishop, so we walked up to his house…by this point Elder Lewis needed help walking (cause he thought his legs were floating above his head), so we sat down in the Bishop's house. Bishop said that we “smelled like weed.” We quickly explained to him the situation and what was going on at our last appointment and right there and then he started to laugh and laugh, well having the bishop laughing- started Elder Lewis laughing again... Kind of annoying. I wanted to make sure Elder Lewis would be ok.. he was looking a little ill at this point. However, the Bishop told me just to take him home, lay him down and feed him something. Lucky for us; his family had sent him a whole bag of cookies that day so I gave him those. Well he downed them right away and then I made him two peanut butter sandwiches, which he ate almost as fast! Don’t worry I took video of the whole event. (Ha-ha!!) and Elder Lewis is none the worse for the event.

Man, Elder tall Porter is leaving this transfer (he flies out tomorrow). Simply crazy, I remember back getting to serve with him and Rogers in Ocala and that just seems like yesterday to me. I had such a blast with those guys (best three man companionship ever ha ha). I am lucky that I was able to serve with those two missionaries, they were amazing and I learned a ton from them.

Another thing Debbie and Jason (from Fernandina) are going to be sealed in the temple in April!!! However very sad news, I won't be able to attend. The General Authorities have said that they don't want us (as missionaries) doing any temple work. They said that our focus and our mission is to serve the living and because of that, I can't go to the temple. It really stinks, and I am kind of upset about that… but I suppose I will live. I hear the mission is having a huge bunch of new arriving missionaries this week from the MTC. Super pumped about that. Jacksonville is the best place to serve a mission ever!!

The weather here is turning a little cooler lately, (at least cooler for Florida ha-ha) so you are seeing more and more people bundled up as you pass them on the streets. Anyways I gotta get running, I'll talk to ya'll later. So for now, ta-ta to everyone!

Love Elder Blair (keeping an eye out for giant southern moving cows!) ha-ha!