Monday, October 18, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #11 Oct. 18, 2010

Good morning world!

Well family, friends, fans and everyone out there in Utah (and beyond) that may be reading this weeks Elder Blair update!

This week was absolutely amazing! Elder Lewis & I started out this week very determined that we would do all we possibly could for a concrete baptismal date by the end of the week. Therefore, we started out the week with a power fast and then we worked super hard seeing people, tracting and basically doing all we could do to find wherever the baptismal date would be, or whoever it would be. By midweek, however still nobody was even close to being ready, but we had some new investigators lined up. We decided to fast again and kept going, and going and no matter what we would not give up! We went all week long...working hard and then harder!

Then things took a strange turn Elder Lewis came down with the flu. I mean he was really sick and throwing up for two days type of sick. Finally he got better and we set out again. By now it was Saturday here in Florida and we were having a great lesson (with one of the people we are teaching named Chrystal), and she was talking to us about the lesson asking questions. When suddenly from the back room her son started to cry. She went to check on what happened; when she got to him, the other children said that he fell off the top of the bunk bed. He landed on his head (on the cement floor), His mom was of course really worried, his head was hurting, and he had a large bump. We offered to give him a blessing, of course. Chrystal allowed us to give her son a blessing, and after our blessing, his head started to feel better and he was acting just fine. We let them go so she could get him tucked into to bed and let her take care of him. So we did not get a chance to talk to her about baptism, which was what we wanted to do after the lesson and her questions.

Then Sunday came… still we had no one lined up. After church, we did our studies and then decided to go out to see all of our investigators, and inviting them. But no one was ready. Still we continued on our way... we just kept going. We stopped and saw part members, investigators basically everyone on our list. And still no one. Now 8:30 roles around and we have to be in at 9:00 pm so we decided to make one last stop by Chrystal's house. She seemed kinda too busy to have an actual lesson. However, we asked her about her son. We found out that Joshua was doing well. Then Elder Lewis & I testified that it was through the power of God that healed him and that that was proof that our church is the true church of Jesus Christ. Then we invited her to be baptized… and she said yes (of course)!! We set the day for November 13th as a goal, and it turns out November 12th is her birthday, so she was ok with that!! Oh, man. We were so happy!! Last day of the week, last appointment of the week, and almost the last hour of the week and we finally got a baptismal date!!! We are so totally stoked. Therefore, that was our miracle this week in Florida! It was a really good week!!

I have received all the packages ya'll sent, thank you for them and all the letters ya'll have written!! It makes an Elder proud to hear letters shouting his name all the way from the mailbox! Those letters always bring a smile to my day!

Before I forget I wanted to tell you that we will be having transfers on Tuesday next week (they also switched that to our p-day), because of it being transfer day. So I won’t get a chance to tell you if I moved or not until a week later. I hope I am not transferred this time because we have all sorts of things lined up for Halloween with the ward members and then trunk or treat with the kids. But we will have to wait and see. If I pray that I won’t get transferred then I probably will, then again if I don't pray for that ...just because it might transfer me… then I will get transferred! LOL you never can tell with God, he has a great sense of humor with us missionaries sometimes. We’ll have to just wait and see what happens this time. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I know something. Until then thanks again for everything and thanks for all that ya’ll do for your favorite Florida missionary!!

Love you guys!
Love Elder Blair (who along with Elder Lewis had their hard work, fasting and prayers really pay off this week!!)
PS We are getting our car repaired this next week, from our bumper-to bumper fender bender.