Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #9 Oct. 5, 2010

Hello family, friends, fans and everyone reading the weekly updates from yours truly…me!!
Well ya'll, we have had a busy, busy week. We are trying to do all we can here in Starke to move the work forward. This week we have been stacked with appointments from members (and less active members). Also, this last week we had zone meeting where our zone got together and talked about the changes the mission is taking and what we should do as missionaries to change. We talked a lot about how to plan out our days and how too really jam-pack each and every day. We learned how we could be more obedient, so that we would be able to receive the spirit at all times.

Therefore, Elder Lewis and I really decided to do just that! During the week, we strived really, really hard to change and also to be more obedient. We tried each and every evening to plan more effectively for the next day and the remainder of the week. And the whole week just bombed out on us. We had appointments fall through…and investigators that we knew were getting close to baptism; back out of their date. In a nutshell really, the whole week turned upside down on us. Though we did get knocked down over and over again, we are getting back up again and going to be heading out in full force this week!! We are going out even stronger and harder so we can find some miracles!

One of our goals (as a zone) is to read the entire Book of Mormon this transfer (6 weeks). In order for us to get that done by the 28th we have to find time to read it, more than just in our personal studies each morning. Elder Lewis & I have been reading it as we are eating our lunch, and at the dinner table as we eat dinner each night. We have been reading before bed and before our “personal” studies in the morning. It really has been an amazing experience and we have loved it!

Funny story this week: As you know from last week, we had some ribs promised us at our “trailer restaurant”. Therefore, this week we went back to our friend the “bbq rib man” and wanted to try some nice, juicy long anticipated ribs! As we were sitting in our car (in the laundry mat parking lot), just kicking back and waiting for our ribs…someone backed up right into our car! At first, I didn't know what happened, but then I looked up and saw some woman’s huge SUV right in my front bumper...crazy!! Oh, man, well we got things sorted out and there was not too much damage done to our car. Therefore, we will be getting our car fixed soon. We can still drive it, so all is well.

General Conference was amazing!! I loved every minute of it, from the first speaker to the last speaker it was just simply amazing. For missionaries it is like Christmas we wait and wait for 6 months and then we just sit back and soak it all in. Elder Lewis & I tried so hard to get people to come and listen to the prophet, but none of our investigators showed up. Like I said…our week turned upside down, but overall a good week here in Florida!!

Love ya'll, stay safe
Love Elder Blair (driving in a broken car this week)
PS sorry didn't email on Monday…we were super busy.