Monday, May 3, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #11 May 3, 2010

Hello Everyone,
This week the weather sure kicked up a lot. It actually got into the 90's already a couple times last week. Boy that makes it really hard to work, but oh well. I just brought a lot of water with me all last week to compensate. Elder Porter’s back is way broken. They are sending him to a chiropractor, to see if they can help him out. Keep him in your prayers.

Well we have been teaching this one man name Irvine. Irvine is a really humble guy and the missionaries have taught him in the past (so that’s a plus). The only problem is that we cannot baptize him until his probation is off, (which is in July hopefully). However, Irvine has two 9 year olds that could be baptized. We talked with him about that fact, but he said he really wanted the baptism to be a whole family thing. His thinking is that if they are all baptized together they all can start “fresh” together. He also wanted to be an example for them. We then explained to him about the Holy Ghost and His role is in our lives. We explained how he will help us on our way back home to our Heavenly Father. We told him that his children need that now, more than ever, so they can overcome the trails that they will face. And even though he cannot be baptized with them, he can still be that example of a father that gets them up and gets them ready for church, and makes sure they are doing what their Heavenly Father wants them to do etc... So after we said that he said yes to getting his children baptized. The only thing he wants to do is run it by the kid’s mom. I called the other missionaries that had previously taught them and they said the mom, is a real piece of work and did not want her kids baptized last time. Therefore, we will do our best and hope for the best, and pray that everything will work out.

That is really the main event of this past week; we did a lot of tracting this past week. We did find a guy sleeping on the floor while we were tracting, lol he looked pretty funny. I was on a trade off with a Spanish Elder (we were tracting in a Spanish neighborhood) and came across this trailer with this guy passed out on the floor. Elder Christensen said something in Spanish and the guy opened his eyes for a minute said something back in Spanish then went back to sleep. We just looked at each other laughing, then I snapped a picture of him lying down… and we went on our way.

Which reminds me I just put a bunch of pictures in the mail today. Hope all is going well at home. Oh an Elder talked to me about a great idea after I get off my mission. He said I can work at Disney for a semester, and get some college credit and get money cool!

I really love you guys and thank you for always sending me mail and packages and stuff. The other Elders in my apartment always get so jealous when I get mail…and I love it!

Well my time is almost up; I only have about 5 minutes left until my pc goes to someone else, so I will just talk to you this Sunday! It is pretty crazy thinking its Mothers Day already- it seems like Christmas was yesterday. I will be probably be calling after church (about 12:30 my time). I should be able to talk for awhile.

Love, Elder (water toting, scripture carrying) Blair