Monday, April 26, 2010

Ocala, FL Letter #10 April. 26, 2010

Hello everybody,
This week was something else. To start it off my companion Elder Porter has a lot of back problems and riding on a bike is not making things any better. He went to the doctor to see what he can do to get it fixed on this last Wednesday. Well they told him to stay off the bike for a week. Therefore, we have been taking it easy and riding with the other missionaries in their car. So we are kind of in one big 4 Elder companionship which is kind of weird- but fun at the same time.

One night we came home from working and we had the Zone Leaders sleeping over and the District Leader (and his companion) hanging out with us in our apartment. About 10:20 I started getting ready for bed cause I was dead dog tired from working all day. The other missionaries were still talking and stuff, but my companion and I hit the bed. While we were trying to get some sleep, the others started a wrestling match in the other room. But I just rolled over, not thinking too much about it. However, it kept getting louder and louder. Well my companion and I were still trying to sleep. I think he was having more success than I was at falling asleep, but then out of nowhere I heard the strangest sound. I didn't know what it was. I couldn't place the sound, but I got out of bed and started walking down the stairs, to see smoke everywhere! First thing I thought was, “Great they started a fire and now I have to go upstairs and get my companion out of bed and get out of the house.”

Before I turned to go back upstairs, I heard coughing coming from outside our back sliding glass door. So I went out there to see all the missionaries coughing and trying to get air. I asked. “What's going on?” but no one really answered me. They were still kind of talking amongst themselves, until one of them said, "Where is Brandon?" Brandon is one of the missionaries that stay with us in our apartment. I looked outside and saw no Brandon, then one of them said "He is still in there." So then I am like “Crap my companion is upstairs sleeping and Brandon is in a burning house” so I said, “I will save him!” I turned and bolted into the house, white smoke was everywhere. I could barely see. I made my way to the kitchen, then suddenly some powder white smoke shot right at my face. I wiped my eyes to see Brandon holding a fire extinguisher. I told him I was there to save him, but he said he didn't needed to "be saved", at that point I ran outside again because I could barley breath at the time.

I got outside and found out “the rest of the story.” The missionaries locked Brandon in a closet and then opened it a little bit to spray glade air freshener in Brandon's face. In the mean time, Brandon grabbed the first thing he saw and that was a fire extinguisher and sprayed it back at them, and then sprayed it all over the house. Then me and the other missionaries ran in and yanked the fire extinguisher from him. Once I grabbed it, I ran back outside, while the others chased him, grabbed him, and wrestled him into submission. By this time, our whole downstairs was covered in white powder. Wonderful... but Brandon cleaned it up the next day.

Another amazing thing happened this weekend! We had discovered several weeks back, that an American Idol judge was coming to a local golf course to do a charity event type of thing. So we kind of jokingly said, “We should go.” Well the day kept coming closer and closer until the night before the event. At that point, we really decided to go and see this American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. So while driving there we started talking about what would happen when we got there? Well, we then planned on giving her a Book of Mormon! So on the way I am writing down my testimony in the front cover of the Book of Mormon. (I even personalized it for her. I started it out "Dear Kara.") So yea, we got to the event and started to get really nervous, but walked in anyways. About that time, a nice old lady escorted us to the back by the golf course.

There were news cameras, reporters and everything. Therefore, once again we were nervous. We really did look out of place…a bunch of millionaire golfers, preteen girls, and four missionaries in white shirts and ties.... awkward!! After her little speech, she started talking to some of the people there. Then Brandon and I walk forward. Her manager starts to talk to us, and we told her we were from our church and just wanted to thank her for all of the charity work she has been doing. Next thing we know, she moves us to the front of the line, and we get to talk directly to her! ...yeah buddy!.... and we get a few pictures (there were like 6 camera's taking pictures of us with her)... yeah weird!

We might be in the newspapers soon. Then after the pictures, I turn to her, explain about the Book of Mormon, and tell her that this one is for her! She thanks me for it; and that was that. She had some more pictures to take, but yeah she has a book of Mormon given to her by yours truly! So next time you see her on TV you can be like “Yeah I know the kid that gave her a Book of Mormon!” Yeah!! Yeah!! Woot!! Woot!!

So those were the main highlights of this week I hope you enjoyed that! I know I sure did!!
Love from the Semi Famous Elder Blair