Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fernandina Beach, FL Letter # 9 August 5, 2009

Hey there, it’s me-

Sorry for the crappy e-mail I sent earlier this week. When I tried to send it the first time, the internet crashed. I attempted to start to write it all over again, but I didn’t have the time so I just wrote a quick e-mail. I am hoping that this letter makes up for that e-mail.

This week as I said, was slow, but still fun. We tract’d a bunch in a place where not a lot of missionaries go, cause it is too far away for their monthly miles. But we made the trip. The first five doors we knocked on, we had all five agree to have us come by and teach them a little more at a later appointment. One of those guys was Ron! For each person that we actually talked with, we must have spent at least a half hour with each. Ron invited us inside and we talked with him for an hour and a half. However, all of those appointments fell through except Ron, and we are still working with him.

I love the people here especially in the ghetto. As we drive by, I wave to everyone and they all wave back. It is pretty funny, when some actually wave back- they have a totally confused look on their face… "like who was that person waving to me?” Oh, there was a cool guy we met while tracting. He seemed really excited when he spoke to us, but he said, “Guys I have a deadline, soon, so I can’t talk. But how about some bottled water?” Then he gave us the two thumbs up sign. So, we said, “Sure” and he was like “Darrrrn right!” We waited while he came back with a bottle of sweet tea and a Sprite. He told us he was out of bottled water. We told him that we could not drink tea so he kept offering us peanut butter crackers and Sprite. So finally, I took the Sprite and he was like “Alriiiight!!” It was pretty funny. That guy made our day! We are going back to him sometime next week because he is fun and open to us.

We also started to tract some apartments that said “No soliciting,” but we really are not selling anything, (however we don’t want to cause contention) so we would sneak around like Link sneaking into Hyrulle castle in the N64 version, lol it was fun! At these same apartments, we ran into a lady who looked very young. So I asked if her parents were home. She said she was 21 and lived by herself. lol. We all had a good laugh and ended up talking to her for an hour. We are planning to go back to see if she kept up with the reading of 3 Nephi 11.

Ya there is this other lady we are teaching (that I don’t know if I told you about in my e-mail) she is a Baptist that believes in the Godhead, so we were like “sweet, she is golden.” We were reading our Articles of Faith off to her, and she got excited to know that we believe in the gift of tongues (cause she said, "That sometimes when she prays she starts praying in English then starts to switch into the language of Jesus). While we were teaching her, we noticed someone pulling up into her driveway. The lady got out and came up to the door, came inside and sat down (apparently, this lady was her pastor!) So I thought, “Oh crap”. I proceeded to get out my scriptures, because until this point we were just talking to her, not reading scriptures. But if her pastor wanted to throw down and bash, then I was ready (even though I do not like bashing). I have done it before and usually I will try to avoid it, but I did not want her to shake our investigators faith about our church.

The Pastor didn’t want to bash, but she did tell us that she has the gift of Prophecy. She said that she could look straight through us and tell that we we’re believers! I thought to myself, “Well it is not like our badges on our shirts don’t give it away or anything. Nor the scriptures in our hands that might say we are believers, but it is her gift of prophecy that told her that". (he-he) We thought that was funny! Yeah that was my fun filled week! But other than that, whenever you guys get more pictures I would love to have some pictures of everyone! I have a little photo album here that I am starting. Also please send me some of Debbie’s baptism too, so I can put those in my album as well. Well I think that does it for now.

Love you guys!
Elder Blair

PS I would like some books called the “Missionary Library”. They are Jesus the Christ, True to the Faith, Our Search for Happiness and another one called, The Great Apostasy” I think those would be cool to have and use out here.

I finally decided what I want to study for college. I would like to do astronomy I just think that would be cool. But yeah just thought I would throw that in there. Ok bye….

LOL one more thing... I have Elder See’s new address! So yeah, if you want to write to him he would like that. Tell him that I miss him. And if you could… also scrounge up some cool Disney soundtracks like Hercules, Mulan, Quest for Camelot, or Lion King (you know - the classics). I am allowed those types of CD’s because that don’t drive away the spirit and we can play it here on our little CD player. Lol ok now I am done…for real!

Love you guys!!