Monday, August 10, 2009

Fernandina Beach, FL Letter #10 August 10, 2009

Hey there everyone,

Hey people, how’s everything there in your little section of the USA? I am still having a blast here in hot & humid Florida. I just keep loving my mission more and more with each passing day. The other day Elder Bowen and I were tracting down a new street. Well we tract to this house, knocked and no one answered. So we went onto the next house, thinking they were not at home. About 15 minutes later, we noticed this guy coming out of his house (the first door we knocked on a little while earlier) going to his mailbox. I ran as fast as I could back over to his yard and gave him a lesson by his mailbox!! HA HA The look on his face was so hysterically funny.

I started talking to him about Christ visiting the Americas and the guy said that he was a Spanish Indian, and then stormed off - but anyways that was just something funny that happened, seeing the look on his face was well worth the quick dash back up the street to preach and testify at his mailbox!

We have also had some sad news today about Ron. Remember I mentioned him last week. Well he received word by his doctor that his cancer is not curable and all they could do for him at this point was put him on some heavy meds. And because of those, they said that he couldn’t drive anymore. Ron still really wants to be baptized. Our branch here is really awesome, they are always offering to give him rides and such, helping him in any way that he needs. Keep him in your prayers.

We had another awesome storm here this week and I got amazing pictures, just wait until you see these bad boys!!! You’re going to wish you had been here in person to witness this storm for yourselves. Don’t despair, because I was and I captured it all on film!! Ha!

I can’t write much, my time is shorter today because Elder Bowen & I have to go play some soft ball to fellowship an investigator we have been working with. I know, I know, wish it was basketball or football, but not so lucky…this investigator is really into softball…so softball it is! But listen here is what I will do, I will send a hand written letter later to fill you guys in more great happenings in the wonderful area of Fernandina Beach. Oh yeah I got a Disney Pixar greatest hits CD today, it was sweet! Anyways yeah, I will have to write a letter because I am short on time right now, I have a softball that is calling my name, sorta wish it wasn’t …but it is!

Take care everyone glad to hear you’re all doing great and enjoying the summer! August is hot, hot and then hotter in Florida, but I am a survivor…lol

A Ginger for life!
Elder Blair