Monday, August 17, 2009

Fernandina Beach, FL Letter # 11 August 17, 2009

Ok Everyone,

So this week was pretty sweet! We had fun last Monday playing softball with an investigator; really, it turned out to be a lot of fun! Then we had Zone Conference and it was awesome! I always love Zone Conference; they are very inspirational, uplifting and inspiring!!

Then this week we found some pretty, sweet people tracting!! Lol however I went to another area this week (in Hillard) for a day with Elder Saltmarsh. We did it as a trade off. So we got to experience tracting with other Elders. Wow, it was very barren up there, but we had a great time. We tract’d for like 4 hours, until we were rained out. We had to take shelter in a member’s home up there for a little while, until the rain calmed down. The storms down here…WOW! I just can’t get over how sweet they are!

Then on Saturday we tract’d into a bunch of kids in this one neighborhood. There were about seven of them just talking with us and asking us questions. After that, we threw the football with them for a bit. By the end of the visit, they seemed to be pretty good friends with us. As we, left they said they are apparently going to find us on face book (even though we told them we never check our emails there). But yeah it was fun to talk with them. They said that many of the Mormons they have run into are boring, but that we were a lot of fun (ha ha) that’s us…the non-boring kind of missionaries!

Then other day this last week we tract’d into another guy, oh man. He kept telling us that we (Mormon’s) pray to Adam. And that Joseph Smith could not have carried the gold plates, because they would have been like 250 lbs so it would be impossible to run with them. I got pretty upset with him because first off; gold does not weigh that much (250 pounds, I mean really) but even if it did…it wouldn't matter. I simply told the guy "God has done impossible things before - what about Moses and the Red sea?" lol. He had no answer. Sometimes people frustrate me, but then I find so many people here, that I just fall in love with! (Ha-ha) It is amazing!

Ron (our investigator with cancer) we met with him again this week. We had been talking to him for about 5 min just chatting casually, and he pipes up with “So I am getting baptized this next week, right?” Lol, the way he said it just makes me laugh even now! He was cracking all sorts of jokes yesterday, we helped him get rid of some inappropriate DVD’s while we were there visiting. Ron seems so happy and positive about everything. It is great just to hang out with him and help him with whatever he needs. Yeah, so... Ron is a Stud!! I love the guy; he is so stoked about his baptism. When we showed him the Joseph Smith story on DVD and asked him how he felt about it, he replied “I believe 75% and I believe 25% is possible.” (Ha-ha) So a few days later, he decided to do as we suggested and find out for himself. He prayed and felt really good about Joseph Smith! (Imagine that) I love Ron! I wish everyone could meet him, you’d love him too!

Another day we met this lady tracting. She is about to lose her mom, so we set up a meeting with her next week. We told her the message we have to share would help her with this hard and difficult time in her life. She said she wants to hear our message, but she will be in Georgia all this week, so we had to postpone her until next week. We will see how that goes.

Man I love really love tracting! We have the opportunity to meet so many funny and awesome people… and each experience makes me love my mission even more! I just want to tell everyone that I meet about the gospel, so they can be as happy as I am. Sharing the gospel with others is the best experience you could ever have! My companion, Elder Bowen is going to Jacksonville for surgery on his tooth. When he was up in St. Mary's serving there, he had a bike accident and he knocked out his tooth! Now he needs to get a permanent replacement in, cause right now he just has a retainer with a fake tooth on the end. He has to take it out to eat, lol it is pretty entertaining, if I do say so.

I am at Ronee's house doing emails today. She is always looking out for us Elders and taking care of us here. She is such a nice, person!! Anyway so I have a lot of time to write today, (unlike the last few times that I have been writing you). Lol You may have noticed my emails have been a little short lately, but all is good here in Fernandina Beach!!

Oh, man so much fun, fun stuff going on here. President and Sister Newman have both seen my blog site. Lol yeah, imagine my surprise when I heard that! Wow!! They are both awesome, being with them leaves you spiritually fed for sure!

Yeah the college I might be going to is University of Hilo in Hawaii. Apparently, they have an awesome astronomy program, and I think that’s what I would like to go into. However, I don't know what kind of careers’ go with that. Still have to find out that part, plenty of time for that later. Right now, I am in the Lords University!

I am down three belt loops now since I have been on my mission, believe it or not. Those early morning workouts are paying off, (and the bike riding, and the lack of cupboards that restock themselves with food, like we had at home…ha ha!!) If Elder Bowen and I are together here after this next transfer, we are going to get a gym membership…so we can wake up even earlier to start our day… hooray! Lol.

Yeah I have lot of fun on my mission though. I caught a blue tail lizard finally and I got a picture of it! So now, you guys can see something other than those ugly brown ones in Utah! I have also ran into a few banana spiders down here. (Drew I can hear you laughing from here!!) Their webs are so strong you can pull it back like a string and flick it. It feels like a fishing line, but not as strong. I will get a picture of that as well for everyone. Another thing; I went to the beach early in the morning recently. I went early so no one was there and we got tons of seashells!! I will be sending home a jar full! Another thing you can find on the beach are shark teeth at times. So I will try to find those and send some home.

And guess what? I don't know if I told you guys this, but we have a dishwasher! Yeah, yeah lol fun, fun stuff! We still have to rinse our dishes first, because our dishwasher is not the best… but we still have one lol ha ha!! So other than that I think all is good. That is all the new news I can think of. I’m sorry that my last couple weeks of e-mails have been so short, but I get super busy and have to rush sometimes. The length depends on the day, but today I have lots of time, so I am catching you up on everything. So now you are up to date on the Fernandina happenings!! lol

Well take care family, friends and everyone!! I love, love, love all your letters!!

I really love all you guys!! Take care!!

Elder “Yankee in the South” Blair