Monday, August 24, 2009

Fernandina Beach, FL Letter # 12 August 24, 2009

Hey Ho-there Friends & Family,

This week was interesting Elder Bowen’s surgery went well; he is getting a temporary crown in a couple weeks, so all is good with him. This past week we had to drop many of our previous contacts because they just were not ready to keep commitments, so we have to move on. Our goal is to find people that are ready now. The guy that looked like Nick has been dropped (we didn't get very far with him actually), and some of you asked about pictures of Mike, yes I got pictures of Mike that I will send next week. He is such an awesome guy!

I am at Ronee’s doing laundry today, so I have a while to write everyone. Oh, just a reminder that we get transfer calls this coming Saturday (August 29th) so remind everyone “No mail past this Saturday” until I find out what is going on this time around. You can mail anything up to Saturday and I will get it just fine, but after that hold off until I let you know next Monday if I am being transferred or not. Lol I think I might get transferred cause I have almost tracted this entire area, but if I stay it is for a reason and if I leave it is for a reason too. Can you believe that I have been out three months? Seems much shorter, which is cool. However, it is going way to fast! I wish I could slow time down a bit - there is so much to do here.

Ron couldn’t be baptized on Sunday. His health is really starting to fail him. I went with a member of our branch to go pick him up Sunday and he wanted to go with us, but could not even get out of his chair. I had to carry him to the bathroom and then on the way back he wanted to try it on his own. He started to walk, then fell on the floor. He was frustrated with himself. He wanted to go with us and be able to be baptized, but his legs were not capable of carrying him anywhere. It was pretty sad to see. The branch president is willing to let him be baptized anytime this week, so when Ron has the strength we will get it done. It might come down to Elder Bowen and me carrying him in and out of the font. We’ll do whatever Ron wants. He is very upset with his body, but we know it is not his fault. These things happen to all of us, part of our earthly trial, but it’s just so hard when you’re the one going through the trial at the moment. We are hoping... we will get him baptized this week (maybe even tomorrow).

I got a blanket today so you don't have to buy me one. It is Spiderman! Yeah lol got it while out shopping today. Oh, if you have already bought me a blanket you can still send it because it gets cold here at night with the AC on. I just wanted you to have one less thing to send. Ha-ha! I have been growing my hair out a bit, due to having to wear a part now. I don't mind the part so much now. It is looking better as my hair gets a bit longer, but my companion says that I remind him of Peter Parker lol, which makes the inner geek in me laugh! (Thus I picked up the Spiderman blanket today…HA HA HA!!)

Guess what? We don't have to iron our clothes! We just walk out into all this wonderful wet humidity and they get unwrinkled immediately!! Also, I have a funny story this week to share with everyone. Here it is: Earlier this week Elder Bowen and I were tracting and we were attacked by horse flies!! They filled the entire street, every step we took there were more horse flies! They were in our face and in our hair, all over our shirts, and landing on our arms. We were beating them off with our Book of Mormon’s lol!! However, the flies were very crafty because as we would go to smack them on our face, they would fly away… so we would just end up smacking ourselves!! HA HA! It was funny to watch!! Swing, slap, face smack-, swing, slap, face smack…slap….

Then as we were tracting (this same day), a giant black cloud came rolling in heading straight at us. Well Elder Bowen wanted to try to defy the rain (just cause he thought that it was only a thunder storm and no rain would come from it…hahaha) He stood outside of the car (while I stayed inside ) for about a full 3 minutes then boom the skies just opened up and it down poured!! Such a storm as we had not seen!!! Ha HA Ha. It was hilarious!! Oh yeah at least one Elder knows when to stay put inside the car!!

Man I am having a blast! Kind of a bad week though. We tract’d in some rich areas, the people there wouldn't even hear us out. We did talk with a great kid; he wanted to buy us an ice cream cone from the ice cream truck. Oh and we tracted into one guy who has some of his family who are already members (but not him) and he wanted to take us out to dinner right then! Can’t tell you how bad we wanted to take him up on that offer for dinner (cause that day we skipped lunch). However, we fell behind earlier in the week (due to Elder Bowen’s surgery and because Elder Bowen did his rain dance, which he called, defying the rain…) lol so we couldn't stop to eat, because we had many things to do that day. But we will definitely stop by his house again (we were not finished knocking on all doors for that street anyways). But yes, all is going fairly well. Just as I said earlier, kind of a bad week overall last week, but this week should pick up!! Remember no letters sent past Saturday cause of possible transfers. Other than that ummmm… making some good memories out here in Florida!

My laundry is drying now. I hope you are keeping my face book page updated, even though I don’t look at it, some people I find here are going to look me up on face book. I know that when I get home I am probably going to University of Hilo I would like to try astronomy. I just think it would be a sweet field to go into. The care packages were totally sweet!! What are you guys going to do with the care packages if I get transferred? You won’t be able to use Ronee’s address for the packages. Also, the Wal-mart cards are tight! The care packages have really been helping your favorite Elder stretch his food budget just a little further each week. Elder Blair and Bowen send everyone a big thanks for all of your packages and letters.

We don’t eat fast food very often, and because I am not eating fast food; I am losing even more weight. The fast foods that are here in my area are: Wendy’s, Hardees’s (which is like the south’s version of Carl’s Jr.) Taco Bell, um Fire House Subs (which are amazingly good, all the missionaries love that place), and guess what the south’s Subway's Shops here do not support the point card thing! Can you believe that? I do miss Wendy’s but I can go with out for now… besides we are well taken care of by the members here!! The branch members are awesome to us missionaries…the few, the proud, the Lord servants!!

I gotta go my laundry is done, and my comp and I have to go and see our investigator Ron. Good luck on your luncheon mom, hope the missionary moms have a blast! But yeah all you guys can still send me pictures I love those! Ok... well stay cool, I sure miss you guys, have fun up there in the North! Just think you will get snow this year (soon, very soon) … while I will be on the beach!! ( Lol not really).

Well have fun FAM and friends! Love Elder Gingersnap Blair