Monday, October 11, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #10 Oct. 11, 2010

Well hello family and fans!
Once again, all is well in Starke! Ummm not too much happened this last week. Elder Lewis & I worked really hard but still no solid baptism dates. However, Elder Lewis and I came up with a way to help him teach effectively even with his memory loss, and it has been working a lot better. It is pretty cool; the way we are helping Elder Lewis teach; is using his iPod and creating a checklist. This way when he is done with a principle he can check it off, and then move onto the next one. Good stuff!!

This past week I had the opportunity to eat some alligator tail. It was super, super good. I also got to go down to Lake City, (in my old area) on Wednesday. I was so happy, because I got to see all of the wonderful ward members that I knew down there. An extra special treat… I also got the opportunity to see Carrie again! I was so happy to see her again!! It was so awesome; she was all smiles… as always! She came out to the Wednesday night class (that I had the opportunity to teach!!) so I was able to spend some more time with her! Oh, man being down in Lake City and seeing everyone again was so awesome. Big, big day!! Surprisingly most of the members remembered me, which was cool! I thought being gone for a year they would forget, lol but I suppose I was wrong. While in Lake City, I went out on the tradeoffs with Elder Vangendren (my Zone Leader) who is really a great and amazing missionary and a super spiritual guy. He is helping me a lot with becoming a better district leader. It’s sad that he is leaving this transfer and same with Elder Tall Porter. Man I tell ya, so many good friends that are going home this transfer. Which is kinda crazy and sad at the same time. I am just so glad of the time I have left. I don't want to waste a minute of it.

I am dressing up as a clown for Halloween this year for the trunk or treat at the ward building. I got my costume already put together!! I will send pics and everyone at home do the same of your costumes for me. A bit of sad news… Elder Lewis hated our pet spider so he killed her... that little punk, oh well I guess. She would have been a very cool Halloween decoration on the side of the house. And the car is good; however we still need to get the fender fixed.

Big thanks to everyone for all the packages you sent me lately and all the Halloween decorations I have received so far!! I will definitely put them to good use!!! I loved all of it! I got grandma's package, which was awesome, one of the best ones ever!! Tell her the fall leaves made it to me safely, ahhh a taste of Utah autumns!! Remember the first rule for a missionary…...Missionaries can never, never, never, receive too many packages! Ha-ha!!

Well Fam and fans, I know it’s sad, but the time has come to an end, so I had better get going now. I love” talking” to you, it’s always fun! See everyone next week! Take care of each other for me,
Elder Blair (clowning around)