Monday, August 23, 2010

Starke, FL Letter #3 August 23, 2010

Well hello family, friends and fans,
This week Elder Bass and I had a super fun and an amazing great time. Last week I was gone for three full days in Jacksonville at a Missionary Leadership meeting. It was good, we studied and learned a lot about how to ask more inspired questions and then to use those questions to guide the lessons we are teaching investigators. The leadership conference also had a huge section where we learned a lot about prayer and then how to teach the investigators about prayer; so that they better understand what it means. As an entire mission, at the end of spiritual lessons we are now going to start having kneeling prayers with the people we are teaching. Another thing we learned about is how to better use the Book of Mormon. One new approach is to introduce it by the first paragraph in the introduction and then move to the last two.

Boy, oh boy those 3 days we ate so much! During those three days, Sister Barry had us eat three times every day with two snacks and a huge lunch. The days were very long and packed with stuff from the minute we began to the minute we ended. The leadership meetings lasted from 8 in the morning until like 5 every night. Then we ate dinner and then we would go out and apply what we learned that day in the field. It really made it solidify when we would put into practice what we had been learning that same day.

We had a fantastic baptism this past Sunday evening- yep Bobby Coleman was baptized!! He is so super sweet! He was so ready for baptism; Bobby loves the church and the Book of Mormon. It was an amazing day! His girlfriend (who is a member) was so happy for him. She gave a wonderful talk about baptism, it was a super good, and really brought the spirit into the meeting. You should have seen Elder Bass! He was super, super excited. This was his first baptism and let me tell you he did so well. Man I was so proud of him. He didn't mess up on the words or anything everything went so smoothly, he acted as if he was an ol' pro at doing these! Moreover, Elder Bass got it done all in one dunk!!

Oh, man, it was such a super good weekend, we had a blast!!! Um nothing too super funny happened this last week - we both just had a good week! A bit of good news, I found my camera. I have tons pictures printed off on a CD so plan on me sending them to you shortly.
I loved Drew’s letter, he really knows how to make me laugh! Oh, man that last letter was super funny!!! I loved the fortuneteller thing, tell him my companion and me were laughing for a long, long while over that!! One great thing about living behind a members home (in their converted tool shed) is that if we are not home, then the delivery man will leave the package with the members and then they bring it to us when we get back home. I also got the ice cream gift card, but sadly, there is no Brusters in Starke but Elder Bass and I will be sure to use it when we get to a Brusters location. Rest assured I will use it eventually lol

Man it has been raining like crazy here lately!! Every couple of days, it is a huge downpour and I mean a downpour!! Try staying dry in that monsoon weather…ha-ha!! Well I gotta get going pretty quickly here, so I hope I answered everything; let me know if you need anything else from me. I try to remember to answer what I can. Elder Bass and I gotta get running now, so I will talk to you all again next week.

Well I love ya'll!!
Elder “jumping over puddles” Blair